What a day it was! Down on luck really means no ladder to climb up at all. Inspite all de effort taken to stay up to watch the replay of Arsenal v Ajax at 3 am, guess by now I’m just way too old to go through overnights. How funny life is that it can changed in just matter of months. Looking back eight months back nothing can make me sleep earlier than 9 in the morning. Nowadays nothing can keep me awake past 3 in the morning.

Then office work comes to mind. Going back to work on Saturdays are not the best thing to do to spend the weekends. However without the extra pressure of my bosses peering over my shoulders and expecting me to be doing all the time, its actually quite comforting that I can do whatever, whenever , however and whichever my puny heart desires.

Luckily officials in Perak still knows the importance of opening ticket sales much earlier in the day rather than just before a football match. Revenge was on the cards what more we were really outplayed last time out. Coming into this match, Perlis were still recovering and licking their wounds from the loss of the main and master schemer Yusri Che Lah. The match took of at breath-neck speed. Perak took the lead off a counter attack when Perlis couldn’t clear their lines and Traore cross-back found Keita who planted the header past Amran. The rest of the match quite forgetable( oh and lest I forget Perak scored another 3 goals-Keita again, Wirat and Surendren) except for the constant racism abuse meted out by a bunch of Malay( who else) aimed at G. Ganesan (Perak’s new right midfielder). I mean the things that they say are not right to be replicated anywhere. Nuff said! Hell, they even took a swipe at a foreign player which I can say is that their comments largely refers to a certain new movie by a director who somewhere included gay love into Lord Of The Rings.

Moving on, its understandable if it happens in Malaysian football but for unjust refereeing to happen in the Premier League is unacceptable. How they can claim its the best league in the world is beyond my humble comprehension. I wonder if there’s a pact made between Dermot and Mike. How often do they have afternoon teas together? Maybe a slight detour to motel after their meeting? How can Alan Shearer not red-carded is well to quote Jack’s ” You can’t handle the truth!”. In spite losing the match, I took alot of heart from this match, the fact that Fabregas, Senderos, Campbell, Lauren and Hleb played their hearts out overshadows what Henry has not been able to give my religion, Arsenal.