The season is not over yet, so to see your player of the season already pictured in another club’s jersey is very unbecoming. It’s confirmed that Flamini finally revealed his plans and sign for AC Milan of the Serie A. Yes, he had every right to sign since his contract was going to be up by June. But to pose in another club’s jersey is another whole matter. He should not really be grudged for the desires, passion and commitment shown this season was incredible. His arrival on the biggest stage and claiming the frist eleven spot to boot also signal his departure from the club. The grass is not always greener on the other side.

Yet again Sunderland away was the last game of the season. The last time, Diaby broke his leg and never seemed to recover completely to constantly feature for Arsenal. There was no such concern this time around. The match was played at half-pace and generated few attempts on goals.

Fabianski again was presented with the oppourtunity to show his talent and the boy did not disappoint. He caught a long range volley to the top corner cleanly. No chance for the opposition to even go for a rebound. However the young Polish always looked in a hurry to distribute the ball. Sometimes it’s good, as it helps to initiate quick counter attacks but he should look to be calmer in his game and choose the best option at different scenarios of the game.

Walcott gave another assured display on the right wing. Eboue would be looking on with much jealousy. Quick of the pace and knowing when to move infield helped create the opening goal. Gilberto did really well to pick out Walcott’s movement and thread a wonderful pass to the young English boy who promptly stuck the ball into the back of the net.

Mark Randall was given a chance to show that he his worth considering for next season. Coming on and playing on the left of midfield, the young lad showed calmness on the ball and executed passes with simplicity. He was unlucky not to have notch his first senior goal as the linesman ruled his goal, offside.

The long and hard season had finally come to and end. The emotional roller-coaster that Arsenal players and fans have to go through has finally seen them finishing just 4 points off winners, Man Utd. It was another classic case of so near yet so far.