The season 09/10 have already started and with 2 matches already in the bag, the signs are looking quite rosy all of a sudden. A suprising fact? Maybe for the more critical sections of Gooners and majority of the press but not for me.

A wonderful start against a normally resolute Everton side brought early cheers for Arsenal fans who were craving for Wenger to make further new signings to supplement those that left the doors of Emirates. Kolo “ex-king” Toure joined Emmanuel “serial-badge-kisser” Adebayor to the ever expanding brigade at Man City. Now, many would question the sense in selling to a possible title/Champions League spot candidate but as Wenger said, we can’t worry so much about how others do but our own. As it is, we became the first English side to beat Celtic at Glasgow for a very very long time.

I will put down the encouraging start to 2 points.

1) Change in the formation. 4-3-3 anyone?
This formation is nothing new. Barcelona have used it for a couple of years now. For as long as I can remember, Wenger have been the staunchest of supporter of 4-4-2 (although it evolved into 4-4-1-1 sometimes). But I see the flexibility of this formation. When attacking it can be changed to have 1 defensive midfielder, 3 attacking midfielders and 2 main strikers. When defending it will be 2 defensive midfielders, 3 midfielders and 1 striker. This is a solid formation. Defensively it provides 2 wall of protection to the defense. Attackingly, the opposing defenders will face a hard time tracking either one of the 2 wide attackers who will moved infield to support when then ball is in the other flank.

The other factor which really pulled with me is that the current crop of players are really suited for this formation. Except of Theo Walcott, no other player resemble anything of a winger. Most if not all of Wenger’s midfielder and strikers prefer to play centrally and this formation will suit them the best.

2) Victory Through Harmony
The 2 high profile departure which helped Arsenal to pocket a cool £40 million have somehow or rather improve the unity of the squad. I think as mention on every other blogs/reports/views, Adebayor was a bad presence in the dressing room. His ego got too big for his head the moment he scored the 30th goal in the 07/08 season. How Toure can be a bad egg is quite puzzling. He remained an esteem member of the club who always wear his heart on his sleeves match in match out. Perhaps its the mutual love or rather the absent of it for one William Gallas.

It is imperative that the squad sticks together at all costs. That is the hallmark of every winning side. It helps when you are close within the team and this respect will spill over on to the field where everyone fights more for each other. It also helps when the chips are down and certain players take lead and guide the “fallen” ones to stay strong.

This makes out to be a promising season. The young guns have to start to repay Arsene Wenger’s faith in them. The team probably needs another signing as cover for Song and also the center of defence but the signs are encouraging.