The story that has dominated the headlines for the past 2 weeks have been the simulated act by once Brazilian born Croat who was deemed by an UEFA panel to have deceived the referee by means of simulation. Eduardo has now been setenced to a 2 match ban pending an appeal by Arsenal. The whole scene has been clasiffied by Wenger as a witch-hunt.

In the aftermath of that is the international week, and from this departure comes the most comedic responses from 2 players in the England camp. Captain of Chelsea, John Terry claimed that this is a foreign culture that has seeped into the English game and that none of the England players does it. “Diving is something the England lads don’t do. Sometimes we’re too honest. Even in the Premier League, we see the English lads get a bit of contact and try to stay on their feet and score from the chance.”

Now when the captain of Chelsea and England says things like this, it proves little. Sometimes the harder one tries to deny it, the more apparent it is. It’s further ironic that when Terry said that in the run-up to the Slovenia friendly and then there was a debatable penalty decision in the same game. Wayne Rooney, not particularly popular in the north part of London, shambolically went down in the box. Not another of his finest moment. Already under the microscope for his falling-before-contact in the Arsenal game, he again went down easily in the friendly. We all remember how Mike Riley gave a penalty for Rooney’s simulated act in Nov 2004, there seems to be a double standard in terms of the treament that English born players get. I seriously doubt the intelligence of him as a man (not a footballer), when inspite of all that, he can still come out to the press and says he’s an honest player who never dives.

Another English player which sticks to out when talking bout diving is Steven Gerrard. This is a player who in the past has commented that he 1) do not like diving player (if it was his teammate he would’ve have a word with them) and 2) he himself does not dive. Now I would like to see him having a word or two with Torres or Babel.

While I’m absolutely deplore diving, I do understand the how this has crept into modern day football. The importance of winning a match, winning a cup or a trophy has overcome or surpass the spirit of game. With the prize money that is involve nowadays, it is not hard to see past the reason to deceit the referee. However there is no explanation why these players come out and defend themselves or colleagues. The technology and scrutiny in every match now meant that evidence that disproves their statement is not hard to come by. To me what they did was really daft. The more you deny the more guilty one becomes.

Apart from that, there are other things in today’s football that I dislike. For instance;

  1. the waving of an imaginary card to insinuate the referee to produce a card
  2. the 6 seconds rule for a keeper to hold on to the ball (surely each keeper takes up more time than that)
  3. yellow card rules for taking off the jersey in celebration (I understand if the official wants prevent sensitive messages across the shirt but surely bare-chested ones should be allowed)

2 out 3 of those are already implemented by UEFA but yet we that the implementation is very very poor. More and more likely that Eduardo’s ban will be a one-off event. Arsenal and Eduardo have just been made an example of Platini’s power.