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In the aftermath of the Arsenal’s lost to Man City, the opinions are divided on the Adebayor matter. On one side, there are those who claims that he had every right to celebrate in the manner that he did. While on the opposite end (mostly Gooners) will no doubt hold in contempt for his actions.

My argument is simple. For someone who earns £170,000 a week, his actions over the weekend was really out of line. As I’ve said before, the disdain Adebayor felt for Arsenal (fans in particular) was a mutual feelings shared among all fans of the club. That he held the club ransom for a pay increase is small matter compared to the criticism he levelled at the fans for getting on his back and for not singing his song. If Adebayor had played like he did on Saturday when he was still wearing the red jersey, I’m sure the fans will respond in kind and his song would certainly have reverberated throughout North London. As it happens, those kind of performance was too little too less.

Even before the game on Saturday, Arsene Wenger pleaded for the fans to refrain from booing him. What he did was not only a lack of respect for the fans that he once played for not to long ago but also an ultimate spat-on-the-face of the manager who blooded him and made him who he is today. Inspite what was already obvious, never once had AW made an official statement about Adebayor causing unrest in the dressing room. That he kept everything in his chest showed the kind of respect and appreciation AW had for Adebayor. Whether the latest incidents have altered any of that remains to be seen.

Adebayor needs to take a page out of Kolo Toure’s book. The Ivorian showed great respect for his former club and colleagues during the entire match. I may not have gotten the entire picture but from watching the match on telly, I did not once see Toure joined in the celebrations for any of City’s goals. The only one that he did participate in was the Adebayor goal celebration (for which he is likely to be charged by the FA), and that was only to calm down his teammate and Arsenal fans. This is a man who showed Arsenal and Wenger the gratitude that they deserved. Top man.


Is is fair that these people are paid exorbitant wages and yet unable to act accordingly. Players are in football because of the fans and also because they are also a fan of the game. How football became what it is today is because of the fans. Fans who fork out money from their measly wage (as compared to the players) to buy club merchandise and match tickets are what makes a football club. Without fans, no club in this world would survive. So it is only fair that the fans are allowed to judge and give passing comments about the club or the players.

To be on the receiving end of such goal-celebration showed Adebayor to be lack of class. He should know better than anyone that he really warrants those abuse (non-racist) from Gooners.