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Well, well.

The kind people of UEFA have conveniently dropped the ban on Eduardo Da Silva. The furore that accompanied his supposedly deceiving of the referee to the 2 match ban has suddenly been brushed aside. This apparently after an Arsenal delegation presented and argued with an 18 page dossier on that particular incident. My arguments may not be on the same page as Arsenal’s as the delegation seek justice for the player while I would like to seek equal treatment be handed out.

From the matches, Arsenal tends to get the shorter end of the stick when it comes to referee decisions. This comes in various forms like diving or fouls that may or may not be given. If Eduardo is to be made an example of, then I would have no qualms. Provided this is stretch across the board, in which there exist an arbitrary board to examine each and every match to scour for evidence of deceit. This will also help to assess the performance of the referee as under existing rules, if the referee has ruled on an incident it cannot be argued.

Ultimately, UEFA are more afraid of the consequences than the delivering of justice. If this ban decision was to be uphold, there will be a long list of enquiries and complaints which will follow suit as more often than not, referee will commit mistake(s) in a match. The process and requirements that warrant such complaint will be hard to be classified. Can a wrongly given foul which leads to a goal at the opposite end 5 minutes later be considered such a mistake? Why not? Who’s to say the team that got the corner would have conceded had the play restarted as a goal kick? There is no crystal ball for the referee to look into. Better solutions are needed before such a massive clampdown can begin.

The news of the day was definitely Phillipe Senderos starting and completing 90 minutes for the Arsenal Reserves. It’s been a long and arduous journey for Senderos to don the Arsenal jersey once again. That it came at the expense of his international colleague Djourou’s injury is not something nice but can be considered a blessing in disguise. The Swiss will once again be given a chance to justify his selection to Wenger. Left out cold with the arrival of Vermaelen and the emergence of Djourou, this is surely the last chance saloon for Senderos to finally win over the fans and the manager.

He should be the new 3rd choice behind Gallas and Vermaelen but should also be in front of Silvestre in the pecking order. His chance may come as early as the Carling Cup against West Brom. This will be also an oppourtunity for the fans to welcome Senderos back to the club. He in many ways is similar to Vermaelen in terms of style of play. Both are ready to put their body on the line to block the ball and stays tight to their opponents (something which the Belgian forgot against Man City).

This will be interesting, the battle for Gallas’ spot next season may have just started.