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As Wenger ponders on the upcoming Carling Cup fourth round game against Liverpool, he now has a decision to be made regarding the goalkeeping situation. Vito Mannone has done well since he had to step in for then injured Manuel Almunia and the boss had no reason to drop him although the Spaniard custodian has returned, fully recovered from his chest infection.

But since his howler in the last 2 Premier League games, it has given Wenger a choice to reinstall either Almunia or now, give the oppourtunity to Fabianski. Whoever he chooses will definitely have to start in the Carling Cup game for I do not expect someone to come in straight for the North London derby without being reintroduce in the first team. I definitely do not expect Mannone to still be in goal for the Spurs game this Saturday.

Even though Almunia started the season as the clear number 1 for Arsenal, I do think that the time is nigh to promote Fabianski and give him a shot at the position. Since Wenger clearly made a gamble in promoting Mannone when Almunia looked shaky, there’s no reason why he cannot do the same with Fabianski. Considering that Fabianski has already featured previously in the first team and has also consistently been selected for the Polish national side, there will be no shortage of experience on his part and can be relied upon to to accept the pressure of being number 1.

Whatever it is, we need to get this sorted out before the weekend as Spurs visit Asburton Grove having done well up till last weekend’s defeat to Stoke. Mannone should not be entrusted in a game of this importance.  The winning run needs to restart once again and what better way to do it than to be our closest and definitely poorer neighbour (in all sense of the word). The 100% winning record at our home ground this season must also be kept intact.

With all the reserves and fringe players clamouring for a chance at the spotlight in the Carling Cup match, a thought must be spared for Nacer Barazite who lost the chance to feature when he dislocated his shoulders (much similar to what Theo Walcott experience earlier). The Dutchman reminds me a lot of a young Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Quick feet and with plenty of skill, I’d expected him to feature heavily in our Cup run this season but fortune is not on his side.

More on tomorrow’s blog with more complete preview of the Liverpool game. Have a good day.