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Better than whole of Togo

As it losing to Sunderland on Saturday was not bad enough, now I got to find out that the other North London team was involved in setting a new record for the highest scoring match in Premiership history. I can see it now, the headlines in all online advertisements.

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I’m still reeling from the our latest defeat. It puts us in an uncomfortable position going into this week where there’s 2 more matches to be played. One against Std Liege which could effectively qualify us to the next round and at the weekend a London derby against the leaders of the league. Although from a betting man’s standpoint, it could work to our favour with the Chelsea winning their odds at the weekend and we didn’t. But I won’t go there cause that’s a whole different story.

He was asked whether Vela’s talent was the single reason he decided not to replace Emmanuel Adebayor in summer.

The manager replied: “Yes.”

That’s essentially what Wenger said when responding to a question on Arsenal’s official website. The boss also goes to mention that Vela is born from the same mould that made Robbie Fowler. If that means Vela scoring a hattrick inside 10 minutes against Chelsea on Sunday, then yes, I agree boss. The Mexican has been somewhat been both a revelation and also a mystery to many of us. When given the chance like in last season’s Carling Cup, he showed ingenuity and composure in front of goal which belied his age.

However the main problem is that we have not been able to see much of him. Some league cameo towards the end of the season but generally still not a player which we see Wenger throw on to win the game for us. Not that Wenger has had much chance to do that, what with Vela always being injured or away on international duty.

If Vela really is the reason why we never replaced Adebayor then surely it’s for a whole different set of reasons. Firstly, the former is neither physically strong or able to play upfront on his own. However in reference to the latter, he does possess pace and definitely much better ball control. Call me sceptical but I don’t think he is suited to play as the lone forward role that RVP has this season. That being said, he could easily slot in any of the 2 positions flanking the main striker. It may also help during the absence of RVP that Vela and Eduardo both play together. Vela’s pace would allow him to get past players or drive for the byline to deliver or cutback crosses for the Brazilian to score.

The same can be said about Walcott on the right. It would be fascinating to see how all 3 of them play together. Although that might mean a different solution on how to fit Arshavin in the side. We could see that happen tomorrow night. I’m hopeful.