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In light of the dismal run of 3 defeats in 4 matches, most of the players and the boss himself have come out to defend the team. I shall remain the voice of optimism and take it as a sign that the team in general have accepted that they are currently going through a rut and there is intent to reverse that.

Eddie “Eboue” Murphy gave an official statement to convey apologies to the fans for the bad week that Gooners alike had to go through. He further vowed to put that right starting with Stoke this Saturday. Meanwhile the suspended Alex Song has come out and defend Eduardo’s performance as the focal point of the attack since RVP’s injury. While the Brazilian has performed in similar capacity for Croatia, you also have to take into context the opponent that he faced during those qualifying campaign. Without being disrespectful to those minnow countries but the likes of Chelsea and Sunderland are definitely a stronger side compared to Andorra, Kazakhstan or even Belarus. So it is not hard to see why he would struggle against better defenders in the English league. But then again, RVP did not start too brightly in that role in the beginning of the season but have grown into it later on, so who knows.

In a separate interview, Wenger was asked whether given the current injury crisis besieging the squad, if he would revert back to the 4-4-2 formation.

Yes, I thought about it but until 2 games ago we had the best strikeforce in the league, so that system works well. But when you don’t win and change the system because of it, the team gets lost. That’s why I believe it’s important for us to focus on how we play and try to do well.

I do believe that the new 4-3-3 works well, provided everyone is fit and ready but given the situation now, it may be best to revert back to the old formation so that the central striker would not be void of support. However this is a 2-sided tale, where by it might still work in a European game but maybe not so in the league. Continental football allows more time on the ball and extra space to work with where midfielders and also the wide players have chances to come infield to support. But on the other hand, the tenacity and pace of the English game does not allow the same comfort and time for this to work. And in order for the formation to be successful, the central striker needs a little bit of physical presence, which unfortunately for all the attributes that Eduardo has, this is not one of them.

Not much else to about today but just to let you know that there will be 2 posts tomorrow. One to preview the Stoke game and another will be courtesy of the guys from SoccerPro. Till tomorrow.