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Another Toure at Arsenal?

Continuing on from yesterday’s topic, topic we’ll take a look whether Wenger needs to dip into the transfer market next month. Today, it will be all on the midfield and forward positions.

In the new formation that Wenger has employed this season, there’s only 3 midfield positions to be filled each match. The positions are basically 2 defensive minded players accompanied by one more playmaker or offensive midfielder. Those defensive spots are constantly being given to Alex Song and Denilson. Alex Song has grown from strength to strength since the tail end of last season. If previously I feel tense everytime the he hold on to the ball, the fear is gone now. Displaying consummate ball skills, Song has now developed the confidence to take on opposition while holding on to the ball. He has virtually made the position his own with his performances this season. I just hope that he comes back from the African’s Nations Cup with a clean bill of health.

While Song’s position is quite secured, the same cannot be said of Denilson. He is still prone to making mistakes with his passing. The stats will show that the Brazilian is one of the most consistent player in the league. He is not the type that slides in with thundering tackles but more of the type that nips in to nick the ball off the oppositions. At the moment, there is no one in the squad that can exert pressure on his place just yet.

However, after these 2, there are no more defensive minded midfielders in the current first team. Those further down the pecking order are coming from the reserves. Craig Eastmond has been given the job in the Carling Cup matches. With his age and built, he remains a good option for the future. Together with him from the reserves comes Francis Coquelin and Emmanuel Frimpong. Both are smaller in physical statures but both are more the Flamini type of player. Both have burgeoning talent but may be too raw to be thrown in the deep end of Premier League or Champions League football.

Although, there’s really only 2 players that we have who we can depend on in the big games, I don’t think this position is really an issue. That is of course unless both Song and Denilson are injured or suspended at the same time. It’s fair to remember that Wenger thinks highly of Nasri’s positional sense and that he can be deployed as a defensive player if needed. Not to forget, Diaby has also come out to say that he can replace Song during his absence in January. So, we don’t necessary need anyone in this position but if I were allowed to wish, Yaya Toure would be a welcomed addition. Although his brother is no longer at the club, I’m pretty sure Kolo would have only good things to say if Yaya should ask. Yaya may not have played much this season but his past exploits would ensure a rather hefty price tag.

For the offensive midfield role, we have in our ranks the most complete one of them all. Club captain, Cesc Fabregas is one player I would trade for no one in the world. Without him in the side, the gears will not click the same way. After him, there’s a whole host of players who can fill his void, though not necessarily in the same class, not yet anyways. Nasri, Merida, Wilshere are just three of those with the ability to break through defenses. Not sure if we need anyone else there as well.

Well, that’s all I can muster for today. The holidays are getting busier than normal working days. Hope you had a good Christmas. Till tomorrow.