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Imagine a few sizes smaller

They say good things comes in threes. Today’s topic will conclude my take of the existing players in the first team and whether Wenger really need to splash out the cash in January. The last focus will be on the forwards position. There are 3 up for grabs every game.

Provided everyone is fit, those 3 spots will normally go to RVP, Arshavin and Rosicky/Nasri. RVP has caught his annual long term injury and so has Rosicky which means that the seldom injured Arshavin and Nasri are the first two choices for the forwards. This leaves only 1 more spots to be filled. The formers are both relatively small and are seen more of a wide attackers rather than a central striker. Bendtner is the most obvious replacement for RVP as the Dane has the physical attribute no worse than the Dutchman. Height and physical body size plays into Bendtner’s hands on why Wenger should choose him as the main focus of attacks.

However, the problem remains that apart from him, we are suffering from a dearth of strikers capable of leading the line on his own. Eduardo and Vela are similar players who can wriggle away from oppositions easily but can not be rely upon to win headers if we need to switch to plan B. Both have also had poor season so far. In total, they have only contributed a paltry 5 goals return from a combined 27 games. Confidence remains a big worry on their part with both missing clear cut chances (one-on-ones) which they normally would stick in the back of the net with ease.

The other one remaining is Theo Walcott. The star and darling of England during the earlier part of the World Cup qualifying campaign, when he scored his first international hattrick away to Croatia, has not quite hit the same heights ever since. Still finding his feet in footballing terms, Walcott is on a very steep learning curve. Though he is lightning quick off the blocks, his touch and ball control are still horrendous to watch on occasions. There are 2 school of thoughts on this matter. One is that he is still young and there’s plenty of time for him to improve on the skills, while the other is that he is not made for football. His pace can only get him so far, the rest is entirely up to him to pick up. It’s almost similar to the case of Michael Owen. I remain unconvinced of Walcott but I’m willing to give him more time.

Which is why contrary to needing a young, budding centerhalf who is willing to sit on the bench most of the time to learn his trade, I think we need another forward who can lead the line and who still have another 1-2 good years in him. A short term loan move would be good (although the last loan move Wenger had was Baptista and that didn’t turn up so well for either parties). Someone who could fit into the Arsenal system easily and experienced enough to be trusted by a very young Arsenal squad. I might as well just say it.

Ronaldo! No, not the Portuguese serial winker but rather the Brazilian who have won everything there is to win in a footballing sense but the Champions League. At 33 years of age, I don’t expect him to still be able to terrorize defenders with his pace. However, while form is only temporary, class is still permanent. He can still be depended upon to wriggle or make space for himself inside the box to make a shot at goal. More often that not, that results in a goal even in his current day size. All Wenger will need to do is to convince the great Brazilian and be ready to whoop him back to shape.

Others who fits the bill includes David Trezeguet who will score if given half a chance inside the box. Being French, it will not be hard for Wenger to lure Trezeguet to the club. He is the last from the trio of Anelka-Henry-Trezeguet that have not played for Arsenal before. At 32, he might be willing to spend more time on the bench and be ready to fill in when required.

Then again, Wenger always seemed to be pulling rabbits out of hats. I won’t be surprised if the news says that unsettles Karim Benzema of Real Madrid is the one to join us. Ok…fine…maybe just a little surprise.