No comments just facts from Arsenal’s Premier League this season

  • Every time Steve Bennett have refereed Arsenal’s game, we have won all of them (Portsmouth-home, Wolves-away, Hull-home, Sunderland-H). Every single one won comfortably with a minimum winning margin of 2-0.
  • Both times we faced Liverpool, both times we won, both times Howard Webb was the referee.
  • If Mike Dean is the referee, it’s hard to envisage a win for Arsenal. In the 3 games he’s been involved with Arsenal, we drew 1 and lost the other 2 (United-away, Burnley-away, Chelsea-away).
  • Only 1 red card shown in 27 of Arsenal’s matches, that too to the opposition as Scott Parker of West Ham was dismissed at Upton Park.
  • Arsenal have conceded corners in every game except for when Phil Brown and his merry men came to visit Emirates in December.
  • Except for the Anfield game, if Arsenal goes in at half time behind, we never win the game (Man City-away, Chelsea-home, United-home, Chelsea-away)
  • Arsenal lose out in terms of shots on goal to the opposition only 4 times this season (United-away, Fulham-away, Chelsea-home, Everton-home)
  • Only Thomas Vermaelen have featured in every league game for Arsenal this season (apparently no one told him how to behave as an Arsenal player)
  • Only 5 games have Arsenal committed more fouls than the opposition winning 3 of those (Everton-away, Wolves-away and Liverpool-home) but somehow that sequence does not apply to Chelsea who beat us both times despite suffering more fouls.

I don’t know if those facts other than fact #8 is suppose to mean anything. If not, then are suppose they are just facts even if they are useless ones.