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Just a short one today.

Gael Clichy is in the news

Gael Clichy is in the news

Gael Clichy is in the news

That’s right, you would think he is one of the more quieter players off the pitch but today the Arsenal left back showed another side of him that we’ve never seen. The talkative side that is. First he says that the current atmosphere inside of the dressing room is much better and a tad bit friendlier compared to the time when he first joined. When the likes of Vieira, Henry or Pires was still around, there’s just too much respect for these seniors that creates an air of tension inside of the dressing room. Now they go out of their way to welcome those younger ones like Gibbs and Wilshere into the Arsenal family.

Next he admits our failings against United. He conceded that we did not win those 50-50 challenges and basically were not up for the challenge. If you can’t raise your game and do not feel up to it when playing against United or Chelsea, then that is worrying. Up against your biggest rival, at least in terms of league title, every single player should be bursting with desire and the willpower to win. Nevertheless, if the league is won at the end of the season, all is forgiven.

Finally he says that if given a choice, he would choose the Premier League over the World Cup. Now, I’m not a professional football player but I don’t doubt for a second that winning the World Cup is a once in a lifetime achievement. The league is of course played every season and with the right team and the right management, you can practically win it every year. Don’t get me wrong. I do not support France and would love nothing more than to see him lift the league trophy at the end of the season but that statement is just weird for me. Or perhaps he knows of France’s inadequacies and knows that they have no chance of lifting the World Cup and the Premier League is far more achievable than the former. Now, that I can accept.

There’s also story of Adel Taraabt, who is a Spurs reject and is currently out on loan at QPR. He says that he picked the wrong team to sign for (always correct) and should have signed instead for Arsenal. I just have this to say to him, in your dreams. If you are not good enough for the worst team in London, you’re definitely not fit to join my beloved club. So shut it.

More on tomorrow’s post. Thanks for reading.