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He has said a lot of stupid things recently, this one though, takes the cake

Time again for the collection of the best, quirkiest and funniest quotes from and about Arsenal this past week. But first we start of with something special from our neighbours and their comedian, Mr Harry Redknapp and his comment on Bale’s performance. No, not Batman, the other one, the monkey looking one.

If you look at him against Blackburn there wouldn’t be a better left-sided player in the country

Well Harry, against Blackburn many other players would look like world-beaters

Next up, Ian Wright, a legend in his own right at Arsenal have turned into a dreamer in his retirement.

I’d always had this vision of you walking round the pitch after the World Cup final holding up the trophy

Wrighty, I love you and all but you gotta stop telling people about fantasies that will never happen.

Moving on, another Arsenal legend who we will see very soon, Thierry Henry, puzzled at his coach’s decisions

The coach says what he wants. He played me up front and I tried to help as best I could. And finally he put me out on the left.

Is left or is it centre? Damn it, I’ve just confused myself.

When asked if he would celebrate a goal, he added: “Forget about it. No. I do not want to play against Arsenal, simple as that.

Now Thierry, if you don’t play who’s going to score the 3 own goals??

I was very excited about joining them but it never happened. From what I’ve been told, the transfer money that was supposed to appear never appeared. But I am sure that Arsene Wenger would have had a lot to teach me.

Angel Di Maria on his collapse transfer to Arsenal before joining Benfica instead. If you had join Arsenal, maybe now the world would be talking about you instead of your countryman, Messi.

When you lose against one of the main contenders so convincingly, nobody takes you seriously after that. Some don’t even now. It takes a while to convince people again.

It must have hurt Wenger to openly admit our failings against the top two. I’m hurt too and if revenge is exacted in the Champions League final, it would be one heck of a revenge.

Sol Campbell was outstanding but to repeat the games could become a problem for him so I think I have to give him a big holiday next week to recover.

If that don’t tell you that Silvestre is starting the Birmingham game, then there’s something very wrong with you.

And finally, Wenger squashes the suggestion that the formation that we use this season is a copy of Barcelona’s.

I played 4-3-3 before Barcelona. I played 4-3-3 at Monaco and I think Barcelona has not created that system. That system is a Dutch system

So Monaco copies Holland and then Barcelona copies Monaco. Life’s great mystery revealed.

And before I end it, I found out that Vinnie Jones (ex-Wimbledon and now major movie star) plans to remake the movie “Escape To Victory”. I think we all know which Arsenal player should be given cameo in that movie. Oh, don’t be shy now Eboue, we all know you’re the next Eddie Murphy.