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Hell-bent on winning the league

We have fought like mad until now to be in the position we are in. It’s ten months preparation, fight and work to be where we are in the championship. We have fought the whole season to be in there and this is a priority.

If the manager says something like that, then us as fans should have no complaints. With the clash against Barcelona looming, it is easy for minds to wander away from the tiny yet boisterous crowd of St. Andrews when one of the real giants of European football is almost at your doorstep. The manager’s statement is direct and conclusive. Arsene Wenger is prioritizing the chase for the Premier League.

Whether this is based on the assumption that Barcelona, with Messi in their side is the favourite to retain the Champions League, no one will ever know. What made Wenger think so it of no importance to me. If that is his judgement call, then so be it. If you offer me the Premier League trophy at the start of every season, I would take it without a shadow of a doubt. What follows now, after this resolution is the execution.

A league season is a long time in football. Keeping the focus and concentration and not least the performance throughout a period of 10 months is an unbelievable task. A player’s form experiences many highs and many lows throughout the season and it is up to the rest of the team to step up and balance things out, when others are below par. That is the mark of true champions. The collective play of every single individuals within the first team as well as the reserves will determine whether any side can sustain a 10-month challenge on the league title.

By saying this, Wenger is also effectively saying that Campbell and Bendtner will start the game at Birmingham on Saturday. I was very sure that this is not the correct choice to make but haven’t listen to the manager’s words, I did a Campbell (all pun intended). My head is turned now. Forget Champions League, forget Barcelona, forget Messi. Only Birmingham should be in our minds now.

Till tomorrow.