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Having witness a Barcelona masterclass at the Grove, it is obvious that reactions and comments from that game will dominate this week’s recap of the quotes. A lot to go through, so let’s get to it.

It was like someone was controlling them on a PS3 at times. It was fantastic to watch.

Theo Walcott in awe of their performance. Bet they will say the same of yours and in some ways try to figure out how to lower down your speed stats.

Barcelona did play well for 60 minutes, but then died off for the last 30.

Walcott surmises what could very well be our advantage at Nou Camp. Arsenal’s fitness levels is much much higher than Barcelona. We just have to make sure we get to that period level or on top.

It was my busiest game for Arsenal

Manuel Almunia on his greatest 45 minutes in an Arsenal jersey. Too bad that change back to normal in the 46th.

I sprinted 50 yards for a yellow card. That was not really nice.

Cesc Fabregas on his foul that ruled him out of the second leg. Not that it matters as he is due out for the rest of the season with a broken leg. Maybe this was the one that caused the fracture and not the collision with Puyol.

We were dead at 2-0. You could never imagine we could come back. In the first half we never saw the ball. You thought you were going to get the ball then  they changed sides.

Fabregas again on the magnificent first 20 minutes from Barca. Now I know how Blackburn, Hull, Burnley….etc fans feelings a little bit more.

It is mental resilience. It is the tenacity of the players and the mental strength these players have in them. That’s why I want them so much to be successful because I feel they have been in their bodies and in their heads the spirit of champions.

Arsene Wenger on yet another late goal victory, this time against Wolves. Body of champions? Now, how does that work? Bigger head? Longer legs? Thicker blood concentration?

Wolves like to take three minutes every time they have a throw in and three minutes every time they have a goal kick. Don’t forget we could have won 2-0 in the last minute [against Wolves]. It was four against one and I don’t know how we didn’t score.

Goal-hero, Nicklas Bendtner on Wolves’ time wasting tactics. Yes Nicky, how could you guys not have made it 2-0.

There’s a lot more from Barca players playing down Arsenal’s chances to qualify to the next phase. Their overconfidence can play right into our hands. Take note Abidal and Alves.

Last but not least, Hollywood be aware, the great one is coming. Move aside Jim Carrey, go back to your cave Jack Black, it’s time for Eboue to take over.

I am always like this because I don’t like to see somebody down. That is why when I come to the training ground I always try to make everyone happy at Arsenal. I am happy if you are happy.  When I come to the training ground I don’t plan something because it is natural. That’s why I have said that after my career I will become an actor.