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I think that has meant a lot more goals for me. If I had scored every goal that I missed against Burnley then my goal tally would mean I have scored two more goals than the games I have played since my injury.

Bendtner has more humour in him than we realised but without doubt the central role does suit him better.

You want to see the length of his contract?

Wenger, for the umpteenth time, squashing rumours of Fabregas leaving for Barcelona. He’s sick of it, I’m sick of it. Aren’t you?

We had a lot of ineffective possession.

Wenger’s perspective of Arsenal’s high ball possession against Spurs. It didn’t count for a lot.

He deserves a lot of credit tonight because he turned up with a real performance.

Wenger praising Sol Campbell for his performance in the North London Derby. While as for the others, it was simply a fake performance.

I expected that to go in but somehow he saved it which is crazy. The free-kick was going straight into the top corner and he saved that as well.

Robin Van Persie on why he did not get a goal on his return. Who are you Gomes, to deny Robin?

I am convinced that defeat will allow us to go a step even higher up now.

Wenger, right before the game at Spurs. Well then, you and I both feel slightly cheated now don’t you.

I didn’t imagine he would play as many games as he has. I thought he would play in one or two games maybe but he got those extra matches because he played well. I must say, every time he has played he has turned in a very good performance. It is one of the good signings I have made.

Another Wenger and Sol Campbell love fest. Good signings…..as compared to Richard Wright?

First of all, I remember everything – nobody forgets Jens Lehmann!

Wenger showing off his good memory. Of course no one forgets the one sending off in our first Champions League final ever.

That was the big surprise to us because this guy has been exceptional this year and he has played so many games, sometimes with big pain. That’s why I believe he will be a very important player in the future for us.

This time Wenger shares his love for Vermaelen. Sounds like we found our next captain.

Before the Barca game last week, I bumped into Messi at the top of the stairs. Our boss has a good sense of humour and when I told him, he said ‘You should have pushed him down the stairs!’

Wenger gives Theo a very good piece of advise. You should always listen to the elders Theo.

He is not only an important player and a good player but he is a winner. He was ready to die on Wednesday night to win the game and that is what you want from your squad.

Nothing quite says that you’re an Arsenal man like preparing to die to win the North London Derby. Too bad for Wenger and Sol, it didn’t rub off the others.

I never said that he [Almunia] will be my long-term No 1.

Meanwhile, Wenger’s affection for Almunia is almost gone now. Bye-bye Manuel.

You could single out many things but we have to swallow the defeat and accept it because we cannot change the result now. At the end of the day we conceded three goals against a team that has struggled to score and we can only think about ourselves and our own mistakes.

Wenger shares all of our disappointment with the Wigan result. If the players themselves can’t be bothered to turn up, they don’t deserve to wear the red of Arsenal.

Last but not least.

When I arrived at Arsenal I didn’t know anyone, could not speak a word of English and hated the food. My first two years here were very difficult. I would cry alone in my hotel room. When I finished training I would spend all my time on the phone with my friends in France. I ran up a huge phone bill.

Alex Song explains why he played so badly at Craven Cottage a few years ago. I bet the crying didn’t help Alex.