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Whatever happen to the days when Arsenal had international goalkeepers in their squad. Keepers who are also first choice for the country. Country that are capable of winning major titles such as the World Cup or the European Championship. Had Arsenal fans been spoilt by the likes off David Seaman and Jens Lehman. Both were remarkable in their prime and could single-handedly win us games.

How the standards have dropped when Wenger has to depend on someone like Manuel Almunia or Lukasz Fabianski as his net minder in the quest for glory. It is probably the unspoken rule, but no club have won the Premiership without having the number goalie at international level. From Schmeichel to Seaman to Flowers to Barthez to Van de Sar to Cech, all of those clubs that have lifted the trophy, have a dependable keeper in their midst.

Almunia have been very inconsistent since he usurp Lehman for the No.1 jersey. Those few flashes of brilliance like the one in the first leg of the Barcelona tie are too few and far between. He is culpable for at least more than 5 dropped points in the league. A number which would have kept us in the hunt. His replacement, Fabianski has fared no better. Those howlers against Porto would have broken even the strongest of minds. Add to the the shocking giveaway to Titus Bramble which ended Arsenal’s chase for the Premiership, it is not hard to imagine that the Polish net minder is in a very fragile state of mind.

Wenger has once again come out to defend Fabianski.

Lukasz will be one of the greatest goalkeepers in the world.

That is a big statement to be made of the man whose decisions in the FA Cup semifinal gifted Drogba and Chelsea victory. Perhaps Wenger sees a lot more in the training than Fabianski has shown on the pitch. To me, his reflexes are top-notch. However he looks very jumpy whenever I see him. He seems to always want to rush things. Quick delivery of the ball is always good as that sets us up for the counter attack but he also needs to be more aware of the surroundings and not throw the ball to players who are not anticipating the ball or even worse, with an opposition lurking nearby.

While he is still young for a goalkeeper, I seriously doubt that Arsenal can be patient enough to wait for him grow. The team is almost ready. The defence is good, the midfield are one of the best in the world and the strikers are gifted. Surely Wenger cannot allow his team to be hold back by the keeper position. If Szczescny is not yet ready, then there is a real need to get one from the transfer market. Rene Adler seems to be suitable. So is Joe Hart, though Mancini might not be so kind to give us a player in the position who could very well complete the team and set Arsenal back on the blaze of glory.

Till tomorrow.