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One legend after another. After Henry, Song will be up against Vieira

Arsene Wenger always does two interviews prior to any game. One with the Arsenal TV and another with the press and it is always interesting to listen to what he has to say. I’ve watched the one with Arsenal TV and is at the moment still downloading the other one. One thing that strikes out immediately during that particular interview is how angry and frustrated he still is with the result at Wigan.

Normally there is a lot of banter and humour that comes with each of his interviews. However this one was very serious and he painted a very disappointing look on his face. Although he still stresses that he is happy with the dedication and improvement of his players, you can’t help but feel that he is hiding the real emotion. That part is not hard to understand.

More than most, it is not the quality of players that are lacking but rather the desire and dedication to want to win the game. Over this past week, there is little stories that have come out from the Arsenal camp. It is as if the players have been instructed not to give out any comments or remarks in the aftermath of the Wigan loss. Which is good in a way, because now we don’t need to listen to how we’ve struggled because of injuries or that we’ve improved but luck was against us.

Wenger also stressed that the goals conceded especially the second and third goal were just naive defending. Rubbish defending if you ask me. He also talked about the fact that Tottenham played extra time on Sunday and yet still managed to beat not only us 3 days later but also Chelsea at the weekend. Yes, legs will tire but the desire to win will lift any tiring legs. Unfortunately, that is still something lacking with the current squad.

Behind every dark cloud there is some silver lining. This week, that silver lining is Alex Song. He is fit to return to face Man City at the weekend and how we’ve missed him. Song does the screening in front of the back four and without him, Arsenal tend to get exposed far too often. With the speed that Man City possess up front, it would be a wonderful thing to be able to field Song, whether it is in a defensive midfield position or in the centreback position. With him in the side, we might not have been turned over so easily at Tottenham or Wigan. Though, a squad like Arsenal should be able to do a job with or without him.

Tomorrow also sees the return of Adebayor to the Grove. His first visit since his acrimonious departure from the club and his goal celebration antics in the first fixture. There’s a lot of talk emanating from the Man City camp, namely from Toure and Mancini over the incident and both hopes that the Togolese will remain calm throughout this weekend’s game. I say give Adebayor hell tomorrow. For every chorus of cheers for Toure and Vieira, there should be an equal if not more boos for the striker. Show him that Arsenal is not to be messed with.

Right, now on to watch Wenger’s press conference. Match preview tomorrow. Till then, thanks for reading.