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You better start getting consistent Theo, or else.....

Maybe it’s worth waiting outside their stadium and seeing what players they let go this summer!

Wenger responding to comments that 2 Real Madrid castaways have gotten their respective teams into the semifinal of the Champions League. Good idea Wenger, perhaps they will let Iker Cassilas go this time and we can try to sneak Almunia to them.

The players all made me feel at home, I had to sing so that was a bit nerve-wracking! I did a song from Mario called ‘Let me Love You,’ but it went well and everyone laughed so it was alright.

Connor Henderson’s initiation party. I wonder what Bergkamp sang when he first arrived or did that trend not start till the younger statesmen took over.

I’m going to go back there to fight for the No.1 spot. I believe I’m good enough to do a job for Arsenal and if I’m given the chance I’m sure I will take it.

Szszescny probably learns a lot from Bendtner and is not short of confidence, though at the moment it does take very little to show that he is better than the other 2.

I respect his fighting attitude. You could go to Sheffield or Bolton and know he will be ready to die to win the game.

Wenger praising Vieira prior to his homecoming. We’re are lucky that he didn’t actually did it, else we would have lost a great captain.

Nobody told me anything. I do not care about him, because I am just busy with my own team. There was nothing in it. In football you make tackles. That was one of them.

Yes Robin, we believe you. We would all forgive you even if you took Adebayor’s head off.

Even with the players we were missing, we had enough quality and experience to get the three points.

Even Silvestre knows that he is better than Wigan, which says a lot about the rest of them who played at the DW Stadium.

I am at the right club. Forget Barcelona, Arsenal is the best club. Arsenal have given me everything and I love this place. If I had to leave I would break down and cry. It’s still my dream to win the league here.

Alex Song goes all in his speech to try to nick the vice-captain role next season.

The fundamental thing about him is that he was always looking to test referees. He was strong and physical when he wanted to be but when he was in and around the box, he went down like a pack of cards. You would go into a strong challenge one minute and he would bounce off it. The next, he would be rolling around on the ground.

They say some man hold grudges for ages, for Martin Keown it’s forever.

If you ask me if I am one of the best strikers in the world, I say yes because I believe it. I reimbursed supporters who had bought shirts with my 26 number because it was early in the season when I made the change. But it was only after I asked Eduardo for the No 9 and he said no that I decided to do something different.

Don’t worry Bendtner. At the rate things are going for Eduardo, your wishes may come true sooner than you think.

You were one of the key members of Arsenal’s legendary drinkers, the Tuesday Club. Couldn’t you have come up with a cooler name for the gang? [Laughs] I’m not sure why we were called the Tuesday Club, we went out every night! [More laughs]

Ray Parlour hinting on perhaps what is missing from the current squad. If alcohol can raise their level of desire and determination, then let’s revive the Tuesday club.

Last but not least, the best of all;

Sol Campbell calls me Lewis all the time. I call Sol Morpheus. You know, from The Matrix? He doesn’t like it.

Theo might not want to get on Sol’s bad side and that applies to Lawrence Fishburne as well. No need for me to say anything, just see the picture above.