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Since there’s only 30 minutes left as I type this, I’m really press for time before the first kick-off. So, there will be no detailed reasoning or preview of the game coming up.

Slovenia plays passing game with a very strong midfield. Algeria are not that strong but have a continent-ground advantage, though this has not been materialise so far for other African teams. Go for a Slovenia slim win or a draw game, depending on which type of odds suits you.

Slovenia 2.05  Draw 3.23 Algeria 3.83

Slovenia@0.84 -0/0.25   Algeria@-0.9

With Nemanja Vidic in their side, the Serbs are defensively a very sound side. Ghana are no slouch either, though that could be help by the fact that Serbia has a much much better defence than attackers. I’m going for an African one for this one.

Serbia 2.09   Draw 3.28 Ghana 3.63

Serbia@-9    -0.5   Ghana@0.83

It’s hard to see anything past a German victory here. They may have lost Michael Ballack or do not have any strikers (good ones) in their squad, German mentality will bring them through as it normally is, in big tournaments. Bastian Schweinsteiger will assume the main role for Germany as a converted wide man intro a central midfielder. Australia have gotten stronger matches by playing in the Asia zone but will do well to repeat their adventure in 2006 without Guus Hiddink. Expect a tidy and no fuss win for Germany.

Germany 1.57 Draw 3.73   Australia 6.38

Germany@0.8 -0.5/1   Australia@-0.86

Enjoy it wherever you’re watching.