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Couple of random thoughts in the aftermath of the quarter final stage of the World Cup.

Not quite Hand of God, but it'll do

Luis Suarez handles the ball

So what? Why is he being chastised for handling the ball on the goal line in the last minute of extra time in a World Cup elimination match? Let’s not be a hypocrite and pretend that any other player in that position, would not do the same thing, even if they are your countrymen. It’s not cheating. He did something out of the confines of the law and was punished by getting sent off while Ghana gets a penalty to boot. It’s not his fault that Asamoah Gyan chose to smack the ball right at the goal bar.

How is that any different from those players that tackles others? Or those that pulls the shirt of another player when he is through on goal? The handball is as much a professional foul as these. Why can’t he celebrate at then end? He knew he can’t play in the next game and the save justified his decision to handle the ball. He got his team into the semifinal of a World Cup and he is allowed to celebrate in any way he wants.

Who says shortie can't get to the ball

Felipe Melo’s sending off

Now this is just plain stupid. Did he foul Arjen Robben? Yes. Did he stamped on Robben? Yes. Does the referee give a red card only if the stamp broke his leg? No. Then what the hell is Melo going on about, that his sending off was unjustified and that Robben suffered no bodily harm from that stamp? Either he is very stupid or he is very very stupid. To say that he cost Brazil the match might be stretching it a bit far. The South American were far better in the first half but apart from the goal and the Kaka shot which was tipped over, they barely forced the Dutch keeper to make any save. I’m thanking my lucky stars that Arsene Wenger did not follow through with Melo while he was still at Juventus.

He's good, real good.

Villa’s incredible and Torres is ordinary

Barcelona got this one right. Had they waited to pursue this fella, they would’ve had to up their bid to an extra 10 million just to prise David Villa from Valencia. Even when being stuck out wide on the left, he still proved to be as dangerous as in the middle. Villa is just magic and his strikes so far really shows his incredible predatory instincts. His strike partner, Fernando Torres is getting more and more ordinary as the minutes passed. It is reminiscent of Wayne Rooney’s impact in this World Cup, none! The man who has been terrorizing Premiership defence for the past couple of seasons, suddenly look harmless. He just could not do anything right. Cesc Fabregas cuts a forlorn figure sitting on the bench. His entrance in the game in place of the hapless Torres changed the face of the game. Suddenly Spain were moving the ball just quicker and the overall movement was better. Hopefully that signals the start of the his campaign in South Africa.

3 minutes. That's all it took for Maradona to realise he is going home

German machine are relentless

Who would have thought? Certainly not me. The Germans have done it once again. From being nothing more than an outsider’s outsider to lift the trophy, they are suddenly looking like champions elect. Smashing 4 goals past consecutive past World Cup winners, Joachim Loew’s side are looking unstoppable. In Bastian Schweinsteiger, Germany have a very accomplish midfielder who is a real general. Equally adept when defending and attacking, at just 26 years of age, he has developed into quite a complete midfielder. Is it me or is it not time for Michael Ballack to announce his international retirement. His absence seemed to have sparked Germany into life and they are even playing better football without him.