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No, Arsenal are not taking away one of his legs from him. Neither is Robin going to sing a song. It’s just that he has helped Holland regained back one of the more coveted squad numbers in the Arsenal team. The legend that is Dennis Bergkamp was the last to wore the No. 10 jersey with much success and now it’s time for his successor to do so. Obviously the departure of William Gallas has allowed Robin to claim that particular number but I’m sure he would cherish it without caring too much how he got it.

In a way I was hoping that the change in numbers also meant that Robin will now take up a more withdrawn role with either Chamakh or Bendtner as the main striker. Perhaps reverting back to the 4-4-2 or a variant of the 4-1-3-1-1 formation. That is just my wishful thinking but judging from Arsene Wenger’s comments during the World Cup and how world football have evolved from having 2 strikers to needing only just the one, I’m guessing my wish is somewhat off the mark.

The first team squad barring those two that played in the World Cup final are currently moving on to the second phase of pre-season training and just like the past couple of seasons, it means that Arsenal are now in Austria. However, that statement is somewhat wrong as there are still 3 more players that are not there at the moment. Manuel Almunia, Eduardo and Denilson did not board the plane to Austria. If they are injured, it is likely that they will rejoined the squad when they return to prepare for the Emirates Cup. The other school of thought is that all 3 are looking likely to leave the team.

While there’s probably enough that have been already been said about Almunia’s case, the Eduardo is one that leaves me feeling slightly gutted. We asked who he was when he first joined Arsenal. Midway through the his début in Arsenal colours, we were clamouring for him to start every game. Such was his proficiency in front of goal, that almost every shot that he takes turn ends up in the back of the net. The double fracture took the wind of his sails and sadly Eduardo never recovered from that. He might still turn out to be a world class player but I do think that he seriously needs to consider doing that outside of England.

Meanwhile, the last of those 3, Denilson is one that divides opinions between Arsenal fans. Some say that he is more an attacking midfielder rather than a defensive one and yet his stats from 2 seasons ago showed that he is more than capable of breaking up opposition attacks. To me, he is neither. His first touch is not one of the best and this is sometimes taking another touch just to control the ball means that the attacking impetus is lost. However, when played together with another defensive midfielder such as Song, he can flourish. Knowing that he has someone to back him up when defending as well as having the license to support the forwards is a role which suit the Brazilian. Too bad Abou Diaby does the same job and is much better at it.

We will know more clearly in within the next two weeks. In the meantime there’s still another signing in the offing, if Wenger’s words are to be believe in. Hope you enjoyed reading, till tomorrow.