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Arsene Wenger gave his first official press conference of the new season ahead of the first match of the 2010 edition of the Emirates Cup against AC Milan. Once again, the Arsenal boss came out of the onslaught of question with his head held high. There was bound to be endless question surrounding the prospective transfer of club captain, Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona.

We all knew that it was inevitable that those reporters present would ask this question, and they got an inevitable reply. In response when being ask whether Arsenal was hard to negotiate with, Wenger simply said;

If I wanted to buy your house and you do not want to sell, then we do not negotiate

Wenger also used the this outlet to issue some sort of a challenge to Fabregas. A challenge to show that in spite not being able to move back to his hometown club, that he will still be a consummate professional and still give his all in the red and white of Arsenal. This though is something which is easier said than done.

We’ve seen it before with Patrick Vieira and Thierry Henry. Both suffered bad form in their last season for Arsenal before moving on to their next club. Whether both knew that they were departing the club is an argument for another day. However the fact still shows that comparatively to their previous seasons with the club, the swansong season was not of a spectacular mode. Big difference compared to Fabregas is the age that the previous 2 was before leaving.

Judging solely on his performance and character, we know that he is a dedicated footballer and there’s no reason that could make us think that he would suffer on the pitch from this saga. We’ll leave that to that until we see otherwise.

Given that the season kicks off in just 2 weeks time, the Emirates Cup would’ve given Wenger the oppourtunity to find his best side. That however is something which he will not be able to do since Fabregas and Robin Van Persie will only come back into training after featuring the finale of the World Cup. Others like Denilson, Diaby and Bendtner are still to feature in the friendlies. While the likes of Rosicky and Djourou have niggling injuries here and there.

With the new rubbish ruling in place, it does give Wenger the chance to see who of the home-grown players who can make and impact and could be use for the coming season. Jack Wilshere, Kieran Gibbs and Harvard Nordtveit will be auditioning for at least a regular place on the substitute bench.

AC Milan might not have brought their regulars and the match is there for the taking. The first of the many Arsenal games back on the big television instead of the small screen of Arsenal TV Online. The excitements keeps on building.

Till tomorrow. Have a nice day.