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If I read another report where a Barcelona player speak about his wish and desire to have Cesc Fabregas in their team next season, I swear I will go on a violent rampage. These stories are getting on my nerves. Not only are they not new stories but the whole thing is getting a bit stale.

We all know about your preference to where you want Fabregas to play next season. However, please realise that you are not alone in this thought process. Any other player in any other club in the world, would have said that they like to have Fabregas in their team. So, there is really no surprise there.Whether these stories are rehashed by the media, I really do not know. The media must realise by now that these kind of news are not headline grabbing ones. No one are reading anything new that they didn’t know before.

The latest one that came out was, Fabregas was being celebrated for his contributions in the World Cup. I’m quite sure that it was not the Barcelona youth team which made him the player that he is today. How big an impact that the Barcelona youth team had in helping Fabregas to be in the position that he was to make that pass to Iniesta to score the deciding goal in the final, we don’t know.

What I do know is that, any celebration that is done on behalf of Fabregas and only show footage or images from his youth period with Barcelona is stupid. Who knew at that time whether a 16 year old would ever make it big in the footballing stage? Arsenal and Arsene Wenger took the gamble to bring him over to England and put their faith in him almost immediately. That faith, has now reap rewards in the performances that Fabregas have put in, not only for Arsenal but also for Spain.

While he may have said that he would like to see the crowd more often and in the near future, there is absolutely nothing to read from it. He was in a Barcelona town for an even that is purposely created to celebrate his achievement, how can anyone expect him to say otherwise. How can anyone expect him to say that “sorry but I’m remaining in Arsenal for the time being”. That statement would have brought an early end to the party.

Wenger has passed the ball firmly back to Fabregas now. The next move is the captain to make. Just that yesterday’s event was not one to make it. Let’s be real guys.

Till tomorrow.