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In celebratory sort of weekend, Arsenal fans found they joy being shared by those from South London as well as those from Tyneside. Away from the highlight of a 6 goal winning margin in the Premier League and with more than 24 hours to let the joy drift away, it would be good to put a couple of things into perspective.

While Chelsea continued right where the left off last season, by adding another 12 goals in just 2 Premier League games. After the completion of last weekend’s games, Arsenal and Newcastle both joined Chelsea in the Club of 6. The only real surprise from those 3 huge winning margins is the Newcastle one. Arsenal and Chelsea both grabbed 6 against recently promoted teams and the less said about Wigan’s defensive capabilities now the better.

There is no argument that football lovers all around the world love to see goals, including yours truly. The results recently have more than satisfied our taste buds. However, sometimes entertainment value does not quite match the quality. If anything, those results only served to highlight the increasing gap between the Premier League top 5 or 6 compared to the lower leagues and to an extend, even some of the lower teams within the same league.

Players themselves will tell you that to expect such show of dominance over the opposition cannot be replicated over 38 games. Form and luck plays a very important part in this sport. Other times, those fortunes deserts you and even against teams of poorer quality, the big guns can also find it tough to breakthrough. It’s safe to say that days like these are meant to be enjoyed thoroughly and not be the measuring point of a club’s chances or progress.

On the other side of the scale, it is hard to find fault with weaker teams who tries to take the game to their more illustrious opponents. The performance of Blackpool may be refreshing but can be considered foolish in some quarters. Some take the view of trying and hope for best with the possibility of defeat staring right at them. Though majority would’ve liken to adopt a cautious approach and “park the bus“, if you like. And maybe, just maybe they could spring a real surprise.

I am in favour of the former but I will be the first to admit that a team can only play to their strengths. If Arsenal were to able to adopt a defensive game and employ that at Nou Camp last season and came away victorious, I would celebrate like a madman and still not condemn my team. Competition is always strong at the team.

Everyone always remember the winners, very rarely people remember how the battle is won.

Till tomorrow.