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I haven’t got time to do a full preview so this will be brief. We were stuffed here last season in the second last game of the season. Both times we conceded via corner kicks when either the referee did not give enough protection to our keeper or our players were too soft and allowed Blackburn’s players to impose themselves in our own penalty box. This is a real big test to see whether our boys have grown up after all these years.

There’s no mistaking that we need stronger bodies in the middle of the park today and that would probably mean that Jack Wilshere will drop back to the bench just like how he has also been dropped back into the England U-21s. Cesc Fabregas will get the start and with Laurent Koscielny back, Arsene Wenger can also move Alex Song back to the defensive midfield role. That would make our line-up kind of look like this.





That has got to be it. We need all the big boys for today and if that means no Andrey Arshavin, then I’m fine with it. Big test also for Koscielny in what would be more of the real welcome to the English game than Liverpool could provide.

That’s about it. Enjoy the game and COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!