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He would be more gutted about his own injury than Blackburn scoring against Arsenal

The season goes on a 2 weeks break for Arsenal now. International matches has become a real nuisance in terms of scheduling and planning. How else would you explain a set of friendlies between pre-season and the first Premier League game and now another break after only 3 round of league fixtures.

One thing is for sure, is that Robin Van Persie would not come back injured, considering he is already injured. While this is a big setback for the player and the club, it is not entirely an unexpected situation. This is the fear that we all have in the back of our minds all the time. RVP just can’t catch a break.

I do no think for one second that his body is more  brittle than others. In my unprofessional opinion, it is because of the way RVP goes into challenges or tackles that hurts him the most. He is as full hearted as they come, in other words committed to the cause. Although I would not mind seeing him pulling out from of those challenges or attempting it in a way that protects his body first.

Couple this with the hamstring problem of Nicklas Bendtner and it all justifies Arsene Wenger’s decision to sign another striker who can play in the central role. I, for one was sure that a striker is the last thing we need to add to our squad. Perhaps the boss had already factored in the possibility of his Dutch and Danish strikers being out for periods during the season. Yes, there are others like Carlos Vela or Theo Walcott or even Andrey Arshavin, but none of them are suited to be the target man up front.

One piece of good news from the 2 rounds of international games, is that the players will now return to the club earlier instead of on match day itself. From this European Championship qualifiers, countries are now playing the fixtures on Fridays and Tuesdays respectively. This may not be a form of comfort to those travelling fans but it is certainly a welcome change for the club sides.

This means that there is an additional day of rest after matches and even the likes of Vela, who still have to travel out to play in friendly games, he is likely to be back in England by Friday morning latest, which will mean that he does not misses out on anymore immediate games after international break. Well done UEFA.

Thoughts on the Arsenal team registration for the Premier League tomorrow. Have a nice day.