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Starting a new job is not easy as my absence from any posting in the last 2 days have shown. I’m absolutely shattered today but enough is enough and I feel the need to fill my blog with a new post once again. Lot’s have happened over the last few days and here are my compilations and my thoughts that goes with it.

Walcott keeping his club form exclusive for Arsenal is a good thing

I watched England played Bulgaria the other day and was glad that Theo Walcott was finally given a chance to sort of exorcise the ghost of him missing on the flight to South Africa just 2 months ago. His early season form befits his selection in the starting line-up. He did not quite showed the touches and the confidence as when he wears the red and white but altogether I think that might not be too bad a thing. Now the hype and the praise for him would’ve died down just a little. It will only show the young lad that 2 or 3 sparkling performances amounts to nothing and more hard work is needed to maintain that for much much longer periods over the season.

Vermaelen says sorry, but clean sheets are more important

Absolutely right. There should be no arguments there. I’ve mentioned this time and again to a friend whom I watch football with. I’m thankful that he doesn’t desert me for the sheer number of times I’ve told him that we cannot concede any goals even when we are leading by a few. We all know that confidence can play a very important role in any football player. Any team that keeps a clean sheet will become much more confident in the next game. There is also pride to play for when that happens. After not conceding for some time, that has become a habit, a habit that no one likes to change. And if I know men, they would rather die than to swallow their pride.

No one cares what you think Ryan

Ryan Shawcross came out and back himself in the aftermath of the English FA rejecting Stoke’s complaint about Arsene Wenger’s rugby remark. Wenger is not obsessed, or else he would not have name Robert Huth in the same comment. The fact remains that Wenger was just looking at the fact and not just considering that fact that you’re a thug who broke the leg of one of the most talented midfielders in the world. Had you been so sure that you’ve never done it in your life, there would have been no reason to re-watch the whole game again just to confirm. Ryan, you’re and idiot.

While we’re at it, we also don’t care what you think Arjen

Just so you all know and realise this….. football is a team game. Which is exactly why Arjen Robben does not get it when he say that by signing Rafael van der Vaart, Sp*rs are now on par, if not better than Arsenal. What a load of nonsense. The manager does not even know where to fit the Dutchman, let alone make him the talisman in which to reign supreme in North London. VDV was signed because the manager is a wheeler dealer and he just could not resist a bargain. Last minute knockdown of £10 million of the original price was more than what Harry Redknapp could withstand. Obviously when Robben starts comparing VDV with Fabregas plus Gerrard and Lampard in the same sentence, one can’t help but find it hard to believe what he said.

Right….that’s about all I can cover for today. Hope you had a nicer day than I did.

Till tomorrow.