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Did not dive

Continuing on from our wonderful drubbing of Sp*rs on Tuesday, our neighbours are not definitely not happy. Rightly so, no one likes to lose a derby. But when the topic is unhappiness in centred around the cheating of one Samir Nasri that turned the game on its head, then you start to wonder just how clueless they really are.

For the record, here’s the person who captained Sp*rs for the night and the man who conceded the first penalty and his defence;

I did not touch him I did not grab him. I have seen the video and from my point of view it was not a penalty. I touched his chest but I did not grab him. He went down too easily.

And here’s the footage (thanks for Arsenalist) of the incident for you to judge. Now, I knew that Sebastien Bassong is not too bright, else he would not have played for both Newcastle and Sp*rs but he really put himself in a spot there. Bassong made no contact with Nasri’s chest at all and he was clearly wanting to swap jersey with the Arsenal man.

All the talk about Nasri going too easily is not important. So, even if you tugged at a player lightly, then it is not a foul? Or if the player who got tugged but did not go down, then it is not a foul? The laws of the game as published by FIFA under Law 12 – Fouls and Misconduct specifically states “A direct free kick is also awarded to the opposing team if a player commits any
of the following three offences:  holds an opponent, spits at an opponent or handles the ball deliberately (except for the goalkeeper within his own penalty area)
“. How weird, nothing about the player has to resist falling down. Get over it you idiots, you guys lost fair and square, there’s nothing to grumble.

With the media also taking their side of the argument there does not seem to be much right that Arsenal and Arsene Wenger could do. Wenger do have one particularly good news, Kieran Gibbs did not suffer any broken bones and will only be out for a short term period. By Arsenal standards, short term could mean something around 6 weeks although that is still considerably much better compared to the earlier prognosis of broken metatarsal.

Wenger himself had an interview with L’Equipe published and there are some interesting stuffs in there. It did not take long for the media to try and drive a wedge between Arsenal’s most successful manager and their fans. All Wenger said was that at his age, he is forced to consider everything in short term, thus the reason why he only signed a 3-year extension. There’s no reason why after that 3 years Wenger will not resign. I don’t understand the media’s intention to twist the story and come out with something like “Wenger’s ready to quit the club”.

He also stated that his preference after Arsenal is to work with younger players, not necessary in the first team but perhaps something in the youth academy. I suggest someone get in touch with Ivan Gazidis and ensure that some kind of deal could be thrashed out for Wenger to remain at the club even after his managerial career is behind him so that he could work with our youngsters instead. It’ll be an utter waste not to utilize his talents in grooming players.

Till tomorrow.