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At least we know there's something that Fergie would envy of Wenger

As the internationals get into full swing tonight, I was very concern on the lack of topics for today’s post. Fortunately for me, what I found out from the news today made me even prouder of my beloved Arsenal Football Club (if that is possible). As a Gooner, it pains me to say that Manchester United and Liverpool are the two biggest club in England. By that I mean historically.

Yet, these two fall well behind Arsenal in terms of management of the club off the pitch. Before you start to complaining, I do understand that the mark of success of any club in any sporting discipline is by the number of trophies won. I’m sure we are well aware by now that Arsenal have not won anything in the last 5 seasons but we are a model club in terms of how a club should be run.

If reports are to be believed, potential new owner of Liverpool, John W Henry was given a personal tour of the Arsenal stadium and training ground as he seek to understand about the sustainable financial model instigated by the our club. I will admit that I very unfamiliar with the way a business is suppose to run but to be copied but one of the supposedly big club, only means that the Arsenal way is the correct way. Combined this with the news that United has lost £83.6m during their operations last season, I sure am glad that the board at AFC is at the helm of our club.

Say what you want about the way which Arsene Wenger chooses his players and their inability to seemingly fulfil their potential, there is absolutely nothing wrong in the way that their business model is. It’s double-edged sword, this. Either we buy megastar players and get our club in mountains of debt or ensure that the club is in a very manageable debt situation and focus on building from within. I know which I will choose.

The numbers are astounding and as I’ve previously posted, the way Arsenal is being run at the moment, what Wenger does is that he ensures that when he leaves the club one day it would not be in a debt situation. That would leave his eventual successor to focus solely on football on the field and leave the business side aside. Talk about leaving a legacy.

Last but not least is a big congratulations and thank you to Danny Murphy for daring to speak up about the horrible tackles that has been going on. Nice to see someone else other than those on Wenger’s team saying that.

That’s all I can muster. A round-up of the internationals tomorrow. Till then, have a nice day.