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I watched the France game yesterday and I’m glad I did. The former World and European champions had a disastrous outing in South Africa just a few months back but have since hired Laurent Blanc as the head coach hoping for a change of fortune. One significant change he made yesterday was to made the team revolve around Samir Nasri. The Arsenal player was the playmaker of the side and everything went through him.

Playing just behind the centre forward in Karim Benzema, Nasri was influential in providing the spark of creativity for France. He was finding space by being very mobile and not just sticking to a single position on the pitch. His vision is also particularly good with the once chance he created by lifting the ball over the Romanian defence for Florent Malouda to shoot wide, perhaps the highlight of his passes in the first half.

I’m sure I was not the only one who saw that Nasri gets much more involve and literally is much much comfortable in the middle compared to side where he usually plays for Arsenal. When at Marseille, he also plays just behind the main striker. At Arsenal, the role is occupied the club captain. Against Cesc Fabregas, there is only 1 winner.

In Arsene Wenger’s mind, Nasri will never be able to overtake Fabregas. It doesn’t help when Nasri often goes missing in some games and does not show enough consistency, unlike Fabregas. However, I was just thinking whether it is possible to fit both in the middle and not compromise us in any way either offensively or defensively.

Unlike Wenger decides to switch back to 4-5-1 or 4-4-2, there’s really no point in talking about it. Right now, it is about fitting both of the them in the central positions in the exisiting 4-3-3 formation. That would mean that even though, Jack Wilshere has been on splendid form since the start of the season, he would have to miss out.

Presuming Alex Song remains the one truly defensive midfielder, Fabregas would have to take the support role that allows him to be responsible for both attack and defence. It’s an added duty for him but one that should not be too alien for him, having been tasked with such duty before when playing in the 4-4-2 formation.

That allows Nasri the opportunity to venture forward and the make our play. I feel that offensively, he gives us much more than Fabregas. The Frenchman is definitely a much better dribbler of the ball compared to Fabregas. He also possesses greater speed than the Spaniard.

That being said, this is just my opinion on how to fit them in the same team using our current tactics without sacrificing any part of our game. What do yo think?

Till tomorrow.