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First off, let’s very quickly get one topic over as there is really no point to dwell about that as I’m sick of the topic as it is. The topic about the increasing reckless tackling and increasing number of bad injuries suffered in the Premier League in recent histories. Fulham captain, Danny Murphy spoke up against it and has now been put in place by the LMA (League’s Manager Association).

What is the matter with LMA? Why can’t a player speak his mind on things? Last I checked, this is a free world (perhaps only in a handful of countries it is not). They go on to say “two of the three clubs mentioned have yet to receive a red card in the Barclays Premier League this season”. That is a silly way to argue a point, knowing full well that the reason why these clubs have yet to receive a red card is down mostly to the incompetence of referees.

Again, they try to pin the blame on the speed at which the current game is being played. Which is another silly point because they are not attempting to deflect from the real issue. It is up to the players themselves to improve each year. For crying out loud, even the record for the fastest man changes every now and again. With new improvements in technology and understanding of the human body, surely players will get faster and faster. With that in mind, it is really all about control from the opposition. Not jumping full on into tackles and force them to think about the consequences.

Usually around this time of the year, there would not be any reports on the possible transfers but then again, these are not normal times. As always, Arsenal players are not an exception to this either. Denilson is touted to be wanted by Barcelona as it is suppose to sweeten the deal for Cesc Fabregas whom they think needs a friend back home to persuade him to rejoin the club. No official quote, no story here.

The other story centres around Samir Nasri, who I mentioned yesterday deservingly took most of the plaudits for France’s good display on Saturday. Like I said, he always looks better infield than out wide on the flanks. He agrees with this but I also believe that those quotes were being taken out of context and even if not, looks to be something rehashed from the past. I don’t think he will be looking to leave the club, not with the understanding that a certain Spaniard is inching closer to a move away from the club with every passing season.

It was too early to cheer, as we now finally have our first victim from the international matches. Bacary Sagna will now miss the next 3 weeks with a thigh injury. Not much we can do there except depend on Emmanuel Eboue. Apart from Manchester City away, there will be no need for Arsenal to be on highly defensive tactics which will suit Eboue fine. The Ivorian has not played that many games this season and probably needs a good run of those to get back into the groove of things. While I may not be able to guarantee defensive stability on the right, we should at least be thankful that he can be a real threat breaking from the back on the wings.

Till tomorrow.