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In the aftermath of the controversies surrounding the penalty incident between Marouane Chamakh, Scott Dann and Martin Atkinson in which the first look to being going to ground when the second touched him and the third called the penalty, it seems everyone has an opinion. Arsene Wenger and Chamakh were insistent that the striker was brought down. Roger Johnson said Chamakh dived and the culprit Dann was adamant that he did not touch the Arsenal player. Even Tony Cascarino has an opinion.

Even a hardcore Arsenal fan like me thinks that it is a very soft penalty to be given. On one side, it Wenger and Chamakh was right that the latter was touched by Dann. However, that doesn’t hide the fact that the Moroccan was already on the way down before eventual contact was made. The incident left the referee with not much choice as contact was made with the player and not the ball, hence a penalty. I have no doubt that it is an exaggerated fall but hey, if Wayne Rooney was lauded as being clever in winning those kind of penalties, how come only our player is being chastised?

How crazy are the Holland national team? If this is true, then they really are crazy. Robin Van Persie has not played since the end of August. Potentially, he could be fit and could resume full training in another 3 weeks. Incidentally that coincides with another round of international friendlies.

But herein lies the problem, RVP is prone to injuries and by selecting him, it will only increase the chance of getting another injury. His body is already fragile as it is and he needs as much time to recover and heal as possible. Taking on two (I suppose) very different set of training methods and style of play could take its toll on him.

RVP is probably the best striker that Holland has and Bert Van Marwijk do not need to test him out any further. It’s not like he have never played with any of the other Dutch national players before or needs any further acclimatisation with them. Any world class player could easily synchronize themselves and adapt to other players. So, why not let RVP has a run in the Arsenal team to regain his full fitness and then pick it up from there. Does the saying that “those who are patient will get their just rewards” don’t mean anything anymore?

At last some good news for our club. Cesc Fabregas is finally fully fit but Wenger want to take the cautious approach and may not throw him in from the start against Shakhtar Donestk. That is fine by my book as our captain seemed to have a never-ending hamstring problem and as with RVP, I’m guessing the more patient we are the better. Jack Wilshere will certainly start this game as he will miss the next 3 English games for Arsenal and we might as well bubble-wrap Fabregas for another game.

Finally, could you imagine an Arsenal management axis of George Graham and Alex Ferguson? You’ve got to admit that it would be a very tantalising partnership. The defensive skills of Graham combined with the attacking forte of Ferguson could’ve made a hell of a team. Patrick Barclay seemed to think that the reason why the partnership did not materialise is only down to the matter of patience from the Arsenal board, or rather the lack of it. Notice the theme for today.

Match preview tomorrow, have a nice day.