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One person's gain is another's misfortune

The cycle of renewing contracts continues as Wojciech Szczesny finally signs on the dotted line. Which is not something out of the ordinary, except that he had only recently been quoted that he rather waits till further down the season before deciding on his future. I hardly thinks that 1 start in the Carling Cup has changed his stance on things. Perhaps Arsene Wenger has promised him the number 2 spot in the team.

That would only mean the end for another custodian, Manuel Almunia. He has been out injured since 29th September, yes that game against WBA. Wenger said he was only out for 2 weeks maximum and it is close to 7 weeks now. Since the manager has admitted to occasional lying about player’s fitness, this does look to have a good ending for Almunia.

With Lukasz Fabianski showing more and more what he is really capable of, the end might be nearer than we thought for Almunia. I do think we still need to have at least 3 keepers to last an entire season. So, if the Spaniard does leave in the January market, I’m hopeful Vito Mannone will be recalled from his loan at Hull. Otherwise, it is hard to see Almunia staying with Arsenal if he is not involve in the team selection.

On other news, no one seemed to have suffered from the Wolves game and will all be fighting to travel to Goodison Park on Sunday. One man who is likely to rejoin them is Kieran Gibbs. It has been a stop start season for him and hopefully we’ve seen the last of him hobbling off any game prematurely.

As I’ve mentioned in yesterday’s review of the Wolves game, there’s a media wide witch hunt over Cesc Fabregas’ tackle at the Molineux. We’ve seen how obsessed they are with the Eduardo diving incident last season and nothing has changed since then. Arsenal players are still being hung to dry in public while everything else escapes unnoticed.

I’m pretty certain that the only reason why Arsene Wenger has not retaliate and pinpoint Karl Henry’s challenge on Andrey Arshavin as another bad tackle is due to Mick McCarthy’s response. The Wolves manager chose not to condemn Fabregas and Wenger return the favour. Yet, I do not see how everyone else (bar Arsenal related people, of course) can choose to open an eye to one incident and at the same time closing an eye to another incident.

Both tackles happened in the same game. Choosing to completely ignored the other challenge is just lazy journalism. Graham Poll and Steve Wilson will have to do more than that to convince me otherwise. I’m sick of talking about this already. Wenger asked to clamp down on bad tackling and he did not just meant when other teams does it. People have to just read the whole interview instead of trying to pick on Arsenal just because this kind of opportunity arises for them.

More tomorrow. Have a nice day.