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Answers are all there to be seen.

This has been arguably the worst week for Arsenal since the start of the season. From throwing away a two-goal lead in the local derby thereby losing the chance to go top of the league and another loss in the Champions League which puts our qualification to the next phase in a slightly more difficult position than one could imagine after romping to victories in the first 3 games. I’m not someone who necessary believe in coincidence or luck, but the curse of November seemed to strike Arsenal once again.

Reasons were given on why Arsenal have failed in the last two games. Everyone has their say and the majority of the conclusion seem to be that this is the same Arsenal as seasons’ previous and nothing have changed. Here are some examples;

We made a mistake, a lack of concentration and communication, and were punished for it. [Arsene Wenger said here]

The referee gave some surprising decisions tonight. It is hard to swallow. [Wenger said here]

The players should have been coming out fighting and working hard for each other. Instead, they played like they were feeling sorry for themselves. There was laziness all over the pitch for Arsenal. This Arsenal team need more leaders and it is no good saying, ‘I’m not one’. You have to become one because it is an ingredient of being a top player. It is an opportunity for someone to show those credentials and lead the team on to success. [Martin Keown said here]

They were silly goals and we should have avoided them. We could have killed the game well before that. [Johan Djourou said here]

They’re struggling mentally at the moment and when they go up in games they can’t quite kill it off, and they know they’re not good at defending set pieces. They need a really good dominant centre-half. [Stewart Robson said here]

Arsenal have a soft centre in central defence and in goalkeeping areas. [John Cross said here]

You begin to realise that the real problem affecting Arsenal is not quality. It’s complacency. A lack of focus. Their minds are not on the job. [Darren Lewis said here]

I’ve already said a lot on this topic and this time I’ll let you make up your own mind.

We know from the Braga game that there were 2 casualties from that game. Emmanuel Eboue requires more scan before the doctors can decide on his return. Likewise, it is the same for Cesc Fabregas but Wenger noted that it could be as little as 2 weeks. We also know from past experience that such judgements tends to be wrong. However, if it is true, then Fabregas could feature in our game against Manchester United.

Hopefully more in tomorrow’s post. Have a nice day.

but they’re struggling mentally at the moment and when they go up in games they can’t quite kill it off, and they know they’re not good as defending set pieces.

“They need a really good dominant centre-half.