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Rarrrr!!! I'll have Evra for dinner

Talk, talk and more talk. That is about as much as the players can do, apart from training that is. Not that there is any match to contend with at that the weekend, with the next game still another 30 hours away. Park Ji Sung continued where his team mate Patrice Evra left by claiming that Arsenal lack the pedigree for a sustained assault on the title. Why are the United players suddenly having so much spare time to talk about us? Those who speak last is usually the winner, we’ll see who has the last word.

Meanwhile Bacary Sagna was not amused by Evra’s statement. Our right back is taking the high road and vowed never to speak ill of another team as it shows a lack of respect. To have your international team mate say something like that about the club who pays your wages is not ideal. I do wondered what will happen when the French team meets up next. Sagna will have plenty of opportunity to shut Evra up seeing as they will cover the same side of the pitch.

Seeing that he is currently the most in-from player in the Premier League, it is hardly surprising to find Samir Nasri being sought out for interviews. Here are some of the things he had on his mind;

It is a little bit surprising that we are top having lost four games because the first year I was here, Manchester United finished champions and I think they lost just three games during the whole season. I think now we have a good chance because everyone is more mature and for the first time as well we don’t have too many people injured. We have some important players injured but not as much as before.

Compared to the tail end of last season where we lost the entire spine of the team, this season has been relatively better. Last season we had Vermaelen, Gallas, Song, Fabregas and RvP out at the same time. Even if the number of injuries have remained the same, the timing of those injuries have been a little kinder to Arsenal. Vermaelen and Diaby apart, we have not had players out for long periods thus far, which is a far better sign than usual.

United are not the same team as before with Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez. Now I don’t think offensively they are the same as before. We are really confident to get a result out of this game. We will show him that we have grown up. The difference when we play away is that we defend much better. Our discipline and shape is more efficient when we play away. I’m quite confident because we can play our game and we know we can score at any moment away. I had a good break this summer for the first time in my life,’ said Nasri. Last year I broke my leg in preseason and that made the difference. I’m used to playing in the Premier League now, I have my mark. I’m confident and all my team-mates are confident with me.

The most important part of that statement is that Arsenal cannot go to Old Trafford fearing the worst. We cannot allow recent results to dictate or inhibit our play. Whatever happened in previous matches cannot be allowed to have an impact on this game. In any case, ducks are meant to be broken. The biggest incentive is that United are still unbeaten in the league and it would be rather sweet for us to do to them what they did to us in 2005.

Nasri will also have the chance to put his French team mate in his place. There’s no sweeter success than using actions to shut someone up. Not much, just a couple of dribbles past him, 3 nutmegs, 2 goals and 1 assist will be sufficient. Then I hope everyone of the Arsenal team celebrates around Evra and prance in front of him. Now, that would be something I’ll pay to watch.

Match preview tomorrow. Have a nice day.