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Would you like to see Cesc and Jack playing together?

Cesc Fabregas is Arsenal’s captain and fulcrum of the side. To have him speak out against the side and spelling out the weakness of the side may not be the right thing to do but it is something which I admire. In truth, this season more than most, he has had more time to think about the progress of the club, whether with respect to the Barcelona transfer or with respect to his time out with injuries.

There, he talks about not being mentally prepared to take on the big teams. It contradicts entirely with what Arsene Wenger and Samir Nasri has been saying about how the team has grown up and are more mature. What Cesc indicates, is that there is still another step to overcome that psychological block against direct rivals.

From one perspective, it does not help the morales to have the captain criticising the team in public. Even in the worst of times, Wenger has defended his group of players and kept his thoughts from public counsel. Maybe that is the thing with these young players. They have been shielded far too often and knows that the boss will defend them no matter what. Maybe they need someone with a stronger hand and choice of words to guide or inspire them.

I’m not saying that Wenger should be ousted or replaced. Any establishment can only improve if there are constructive ideas or criticisms. If everyone agrees all the time and see something with the same view, there will be no improvement or encouragement. Therefore, for Fabregas to speak out could work as well.

No relation to his comments, Fabregas’ captaincy is already under threat. Jack Wilshere wants it. The English lad is one that is earmarked for the future. Both to take over Fabregas’ position in the line-up and also his armband. While they both have many similarities, so far, Wilshere has been restricted to show them.

Played in a slightly more deeper role, Wilshere had to curb his natural and more expansive attacking instincts and replace them with discipline and hard tackling. The reason that has been given by Wenger is to help Wilshere’s development by deploying him in different roles. Another could be due to the absence of Denilson and Abou Diaby. Now that the latter duo is back is full training, Wenger might be tempted to play Wilshere further up field.

How do you fit both Wilshere and Fabregas in attacking positions and still do not compromise our defensive part of the game?


RB — CD 1 — CD 2 — LB




You may think that look like the formation that Wenger is already using but here there’s a slight variation. The Song-Denilson axis will just sit there, with neither allowed to join attacks. We can have the fullbacks bombing forward and support but not these 2. Essentially that makes 3 playmakers in the central midfield and not wide positions. They don’t hug the touchlines. When the opposition have the ball, Chamakh or RvP or Bendtner slots in beside Fabregas and gives us our first line of 4-man-defence. Give this some thought and I would love to know your thoughts.

Till tomorrow.