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Firing at anyone who disses his team mates

No matter from where we come from or what our background are, there will always be leaders in any society. For a football club, that is the club captain. This is the one person whom the whole squad of players look up to. The one person who epitomizes the values of the club. The one person who is suppose to protect his team mates no matter what the circumstances are.

On that note, I have nothing but admiration for Cesc Fabregas after his latest act of protection. Jack Wilshere is the beneficiary for this one. As Mario Balotelli won the Golden Boy award, he was quoted to say that he did not know who Wilshere was. To which Wilshere was kind enough not to return in kind. Fabregas then proceeded to say this. That in essence is also a direct message back to the Italian.

“Playing week in week out is most important”

Looking at the league statistics, you will find that Wilshere has played more games than Balotelli. The Manchester City striker has only played 7 time in his maiden season in the Premier League, while our prodigal son has already amassed twice that number of games. Listen Mario, I know you live in your own selfish small little world. Just shut up before you embarrass yourself any further.

You have to realise that Wilshere is only 18 years old and to show that kind of maturity is a little amazing. No wonder he is wanted by both England senior side and the England U-21’s. The second part would not amused Arsene Wenger one little bit. Having seen Theo Walcott being subjected to the same treatment only to lose our winger to injury, you will understand the boss’ concern.

Not contend with featuring in 2 England national squads, Wilshere also wants to lift the Carling Cup for Arsenal. Imagine my horror at his greediness. We’ll know in February whether Arsenal will break their trophy drought. The idea is not so much lifting a trophy (that is the least of our priorities) but of the consequences it will bring to the squad. It will give them renewed believe that they are good enough to win titles. It will give them the resoluteness of never wanting to lose.

After that, there are still 3 months of football to be played. The Carling Cup trophy might just give us the extra boost to finish the season strongly. Hopefully that means the League title and/or the FA Cup. I’m not excluding the Champions League because I don’t think we can win it but I believe the Barcelona fixture comes much earlier than the Carling Cup final.

If you interested in Arsenal off the field, then read this story. I prefer my club not to turn into Manchester United or Chelsea or Liverpool or Manchester City. I do not wish to have a sugar-daddy bankrolling the club. The current regime and the way the board gives full control to Wenger is what suits me. You can take your money elsewhere Usmanov.

Till tomorrow.