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A man that strikes terror into Arsenal's defence

In case you’re wondering, that is exactly how many better Arsene Wenger is, compard to Nani. Does the Portuguese know anything about economics? Have the Portuguese ever gone a whole league season without being undefeated? No is the answer to all those things. To make matters worse for Nani is the fact that even his manager, Alex Ferguson still considers us as a title rival. Well, you can’t change everyone’s mind but there should a certain limit to the daftness of players.

An entirely different boy who is 6 years younger than Nani can show maturity when speaking to the media and does not provide them with any ammunition to create animosity between clubs. Jack Wilshere is the lad and he received special attention from Wenger. In the desire to protect his young maestro, Wenger want the FA to decide on which level they want Wilshere. You hardly see full internationals dropping down a level just to help the team out. If does not help the progress and development of the player.

There are some factions that wants every available player to play when required. Spain were cited as the example of a country which uses their best players in under-age tournaments. However, these experts failed to see that while Spain gets to constantly use their best young players, these same players have never featured for their senior. The same cannot be said of Wilshere and his education and growth can only be further enhanced by training and playing with the senior side.

Chelsea are our next opponent on Monday and it is another chance to show how far we’ve come as a footballing side. There’s no use pretending that the fact is not there. We’ve are going through a miserable run of results against the league’s big boys. The rut has to stop somewhere. Unfortunately for us, it did not happen at Old Trafford but it does not mean it cannot happen on Monday. The boss can say forever that we’ve improved as a side but that has to be translated to match results.

Whenever its against Chelsea, recent history will suggest that Didier Drogba will have some say in the game. His goal scoring record against us is just phenomenal to say the least and it is no wonder that Carlo Ancelotti picks on that statistic in his pre-game mind games. The Ivorian’s pace may have gone but his power and ability to find the net is still at a very high level. Our central defenders will have to be alert and not allow him an inch of space if we are looking to get any result out of this game.

Another returnee for Chelsea is Frank Lampard. It goes without saying that the most chose to highlight the fact that Ray Wilkins’ departure may have had an effect on recent Chelsea results but the English midfielder is an even bigger miss for them. They missed his goals and his drives from midfield. Ramires is good but still a minor compared to the influence of Lampard. While Wenger insist that it makes the victory even greater if they did it against a Chelsea side with Lampard, I would not mind him missing the game one bit.

More tomorrow. Have a Merry Christmas.