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Will have to find some way to chip back into Wenger's good books

Let me start by saying that Jamie Redknapp is an idiot. He’s father is a twitch, the son an idiot. I’m sure somewhere last season or the season before, he was questioning the credibility of Arsenal’s defence. The same defence that had William Gallas. All of the sudden now he question the judgement of Arsene Wenger in letting Gallas go to the Spuds. All this while the numbers are telling a different story. Arsenal have conceded 1 league goal fewer than their second rate neighbours.

Listening to Jamie, you would think that Arsenal are a club in crisis, when in fact the actual club in crisis is the one we are going to face in the next league match. Manchester City may be inching closer to completing the transfer of Edin Dzeko but he would be a joining a very rowdy bunch. A bunch which includes several ex-Arsenal players, two of which were pictured in a training ground bust-up.

Emmanuel Adebayor and Kolo Toure were at each other’s throat during training and needed the help of former Arsenal captain, Patrick Vieira to separate them. Add to the fact that Manchester City will be without the service of David Silva and Mario Balotelli for the Wednesdays’ game and there’s plenty to be cheerful from our side. Looks like the “cock-wearing” Balotelli will need only get to meet Jack Wilshere in next season’s games, provided the Italian baby is still around and that we do not meet them in the latter stages of the FA Cup.

However, despite the absence of those 2, City can still depend on the strength of Yaya Toure in midfield. Toure could’ve easily lined up on the opposite of the field if not for some red tape getting in the way. We all knew that he was here on trial and managed to caught the attention of Wenger. Alas, patience is not something that is common with footballers these days. Toure could not wait for the permit to get through and Arsenal let the opportunity pass.

I do understand that England has specific rules in which regards to the work permit issued to foreigners. In the case of football, this should not be based on the number of international games that the player has played prior to joining the club. It should be about the talent that the player has. Given Toure’s prowess and power in central midfield, Arsenal might not have had the soft centre that everyone seems to complaining about, if it were not for a simple immigration rule.

Talking about possible transfers, it seems that Wenger has confirmed that Bolton has approached us over the possibility of getting Carlos Vela on loan. If every one is fit, it is hard to see how Vela would find any game time. Wilshere benefited from his stint with Bolton last season and Vela could do likewise. After putting in some stellar early performances for us, the Mexican has failed to hit the same heights and some time elsewhere might do him a world of good.

Last but not least, Dennis Bergkamp is officially installed as the youth team manager at Ajax. The Arsenal hero had already been coaching the side for some time before taking on the full time job. While my heart craves for him to manage Arsenal, we all know that is not possible, given his fear of flying. The best possible role I can think of is for him to be one of the coaches at Arsenal or someone knocks him out cold before every flight.

Match preview tomorrow.