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No, seriously....Robin will score 3...just wait

If last week was all about the love-in with Samir Nasri, Robin Van Persie has taken over the mantle this week. This is of course after his hattrick at the weekend. Even the official Arsenal site has dedicated a couple of pages to him. His form is superb and the best thing about it is that, we’ve not seen him being treated by the medical staff at all in the last few weeks.

RvP has had his fair share of injuries since joining Arsenal. Never had he got a real run in the team. There was never a season in which he was completely injury-free. To make matters worse, his injuries tends to be for very long periods, sometimes keeping him out for more than half a season. Something which Arsene Wenger takes note of.

Coincidentally that would be the thing that is playing more on RvP’s mind rather than whether he can hit a hattrick for Arsenal or not. If someone gave me a choice now, between him scoring 5 goals in a game or having him fit for an entire season, it’s a no brainer. I would choose the latter every single time.

It is not just about him alone. It is about the team. But also significantly, what RvP is capable to bring to the team. His movement is first class. He does more than just stay up front and wait for the ball, even though his position meant that he is the focal point of our attacks. He has the ability to bring others into the game. He also has bags of skills which allows him to take on defenders if the support never comes.

The communication team is having a lot to do this time of the season. They have to contend with the ridiculous amount of games that we are involve in. Getting in the views and opinions of the manager as well as the players. Somehow, I feel that they are very happy for RvP to score his first ever career hattrick in terms outside of the football context.

It allows them the chance to cover the supposedly mild difference of opinion within the team. That particular opinion comes from Denilson. As we all remembered, this is about the leadership issue. I feel that Arsenal are making too much out of it and are trying to do too much. There is no need to give credence to the media’s version of the story. If there is no trouble with the actual characters involved, there really is no need for any statement to be made to clear the air.

However, that is what they did when they got Denilson to give this comment. Even Wenger got into the act. I say let the media have their day. At the end of the day, how the team perform on the field is what is most important. So long as Cesc Fabregas understands what Denilson means, that should be enough. It does not help the team at all to do such publicity stunts. If anything, it could leaves Denilson feeling slightly and feel that he is not defended by the club.

That apart, all seemed to be well with the team. We have no new problems since the Wigan game. Very good signs indeed.

Match preview tomorrow.