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Gutted for Lukasz

No post yesterday as the holiday festivities kept me away from my laptop. A day away from the news may not be much but there has been a lot going on the past couple of days. These last 24 hours has been quite refreshing without the internet. Just saw that Cesc Fabregas also wished Happy Chinese New Year to all, nice of him to remember.

Going through the bundle of news, it is fair to say that Fabregas has hogged the limelight. This is of course with regards to his actions in the Everton game. Accused by David Moyes of saying things to Lee Mason that children under the age of 12 should never learn and that our captain should have been sent off for launching the foul mouth tirade as well as questioning the partiality of the referee. To which the captain responded here.

The media has stoked more fire into the argument by claiming that this is not his first offence. Among those listed includes the suspected spitting during the Hull game and Alexander Hleb’s praise for Fabregas’ willingness to shoot. How the second point is remotely related is beyond me. Apparently the author of the article is stupid enough to perceive that statement as a condemnation rather than a praise.

If Fabregas did went berserk on the referee at half time, I’m happy. It shows commitment and desire. It shows that as captain, he did not like that his team is being bullied or being taken advantage off. It is within his capacity as the appointed leader of the team to speak up to the right authorities. Knowingly, the referee did not include any of this in his match reports and thus eliminating the possibility of Fabregas being charged. At least, they could still be counted on for some things.

Another person in the limelight but for all the right reasons is Laurent Koscielny. He has formed a formidable partnership with Johan Djourou in the centre of defence and now, will get the chance to prove that calibre to Laurent Blanc. He has received his first international call-up and his performance of late indicates just why he deserve to play for his country.

He accepts the fact that Arsene Wenger was looking to bring in further talents to support the defence during the transfer window but played his part to ensure none of that happened. The improved defending is more down to his adaptation to English football as well as the players surrounding him. Nigel Winterburn notes that we should give both Koscielny and Sebastien Squillaci more time before we judge them. To a certain degree, I can accept the patience so long as the basics are covered. Defensive organization comes through team work and understanding with others, but basic defending are more individual.

In the same article, Winterburn also shares his thoughts on the goalkeeping scenario. Now that Lukasz Fabianski is out for the rest of the season, it will be a straight fight between Wojciech Szczesny and Manuel Almunia. Just like the rest of us, Winterburn believes the winner to be the younger keeper. I feel for Fabianski, who has done consistently well this season, enough for us to believe he might have a career at Arsenal after all. But it is beginning to look like the Szczesny era. If he takes over and gets the manager’s endorsement at this age, we will not need to worry about the goalkeeper for at least another 10 more years.

Got to return to my festive mood. See you tomorrow for the Newcastle preview.