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Dare to speak up

Jack Wilshere has been cleared of any wrongdoing in the aftermath of the Arsenal-Newcastle game on Saturday. If you do not know yet, Wilshere tweeted after the game about how the referee was not consistent in his actions during the game. Pointing particularly to the incident in which Kevin Nolan grabbed the neck of Wojciech Szczesny but received no card whereas Abou Diaby saw red when he did the same to Joey Barton.

Wilshere of course immediately removed the comment but such is the power of the internet, the public still somehow manages to find the picture of the actual comment. I won’t post any link here as I’m sure that if you go to Twitter, it will be very easy to find there. I supposed with the many Arsenal players that are currently on the social network, they convinced Wilshere to retract the statement.

However, the very fact that the FA will pursue no further action on this matter seemed to suggest another point. That Wilshere may actually be right. After reviewing the video of the game and having deliberated between themselves, the FA would no doubt have seen some real dubious calls and decided douse the fire before it gets big. One of the ex-official have seen fit to agree on the side of Arsenal. Graham Poll suggested here that Nolan should also be sent off and is as clueless as the next person as to why the second penalty was given.

The FA’s case is not helped by the culprit being a stupid twat. Here, he explained just why. His admission that his momentum carried him into Diaby’s shin is criminal. In this day and age of football, those challenges have long been outlawed. Players have to be responsible for their tackles and the repercussions, regardless of whether they got to the ball first or not.

There will be no midweek action for Arsenal this week. After the non-stop month of January, it is a timely break for the international games. I have never been a fan of these internationals but the timing of this one suits me. As Arsene Wenger pointed out here, the impact of the draw is more psychological than mathematical. The break allows the players to recuperate via a different setting. A different set of team mates and team will help to ensure that their mind are still not hungover the loss of 2 points.

For Robin Van Persie, Cesc Fabregas, Kieran Gibbs, Aaron Ramsey and Johan Djourou, they will have to do that from the comfort of their own homes in London. This is because they have withdrawn from their respective national sides through illness or injuries. Apart from Djourou, I failed to see what else was wrong with the other players during the Newcastle game. As for the case of Ramsey, surely it is just a precaution that he gets enough rest after playing 90 minutes for Cardiff.

Most important for us is for everyone to come back safely. Till tomorrow.