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Arsenal needs to channeled these agression in the right areas for the last 2 months

If one can read into the future, he/she would surely be a very wealthy person, to say the least. We are still only in the middle of March and with another 2.5 months left to go until the end of the season. Hardly the right time to start judging the team yet.

I looked back at what I wrote in August of 2010, right before the start of the season where I talked about our chances and who our challengers will be. The posts are here and here. I do realise now how spot-on I’ve been. In all honesty, I would rather be wrong and Arsenal are leading the table by 20 points. I would like to point out this paragraph from the second piece.

That is all for the look at the challengers that Arsenal will have for the coming season. We will be thereabouts this season, that much I am sure. We are definitely good enough to reclaim the league title once again but any winning side needs to have an element of luck to them, in terms of injuries or suspension for crucial games or refereeing decisions. I’m hoping lady luck is on our side for the next 10 months.

I also realised that what was written is no rocket science. It is what everyone football fan and expert knows and understand. Yet, those injuries and refereeing decisions are threatening to derail our hopes and ambitions. I know we were with a shout for 4 trophies just a couple of weeks ago and that has now reduced to just the one. It’s frustrating to watch and even more painful to admit.

However, we must put some perspective when looking at these defeats. If someone had told me in that month of August that we would be losing to Barcelona in the Champions League, got to the Carling Cup final, lost to Manchester United in the FA Cup and have it within our own hands to win the Premier League; I would’ve accepted it.

All the doom and gloom that surrounds the club and especially the fans are probably justified given the chance we got and the run of results we are in. But the bigger picture paints a very different story. Given the lack of big money signings in the summer, where Asenal are now, far surpassed what many individuals thought we were going to be. Yes, there’s still 2 months left in the league calendar. We could still lose or draw every game till the end of the season and finish outside of an Europa League spot. But we all know that is not going to happen.

We are there in second spot. Just 3 points of United having played a game less than them and still to host them at the Grove on Labour Day. Now until the end of the season, it will be about we close out the season. There’s no reason not to be optimistic about the team. Now is not the time to judge Arsene Wenger or Arsenal. They need our support until the end of the season and they will get it.

Someone asked on Twitter whether this season could see the weakest ever team to lift the Premier League. Granted, there are a lot of truth to this opinion and it could very well be that. But I’m going to tell you this. If Arsenal ends up lifting the title in May, I couldn’t care less whether or not, historically we are the weakest champions.

Bob Wilson fears we might ended up as nearly men and Emmanuel Petit thinks that we are suffering from playing players against their nature. Both are proper legends at the club and deserves every right to be critical of the team. But we are still fighting in the last competition that we are still in. May is the month to judge Arsenal, not now.