Onward and forward we go

Arsene Wenger should definitely do it. There are only 9 more games to the end of the season.  9 more games which will decide the outcome of the Premier League. We have to win all games to be certain of winning the title. The maths are simple.

There is nothing for us to lose. Comparatively, we have by far the most inexperience team in terms of winning trophies. We have come too far and to not take a big crack at it. I’m urging the team (no, I don’t think I have special powers over the team) to let everything else go and give their 200% in every one of those 9 games now.

For Wenger, it means staying true to his principles. Stop worrying of the unnecessary. His forte is very much in the attacking side of the game and that is where he must take the gamble. The strength of our defence is no different from Barcelona. That department is their biggest worry as well and which is why their game is based on attack. In this case, attack is definitely the best form of defence.

Now, I know we are by far already the most attack minded side the Premiership but I want to see more. Look at the West Brom game for example. When we clawed back into the game we had 4 strikers on the pitch with 2 very attacking minded midfielders manning the middle of the park. Wenger took a gamble by throwing all his offensive cards into 1 basket. Robin Van Persie, Marouane Chamakh, Nicklas Bendtner, Andrey Arshavin, Samir Nasri and Jack Wilshere were those 6 players. Needless to say, we immediately put WBA on the back foot and found ourselves back into the game.

I’m not saying we should go all gung-ho and just play all out attack. These players can easily slot into a defensive formation when we do not have the ball. I’m not saying there is a necessity for this particular set of 6 players to make it work. But what this line-up does give, is more support for Robin Van Persie. More often than not, he looks very lonely up front and without the speed of Theo Walcott supporting on the flanks, he tends to have to hold up the ball much longer than he prefers.

Effectively, if we win all our remaining games, the goal difference would not matter. Of course by putting such an offensive side out, we are liable to concede goals as well. Here’s the thing. We worry about leaking goals all season long. The league standing now tells us, that the goals conceded column if no longer of importance should we win 9 consecutive games.

I do realise it is a very big gamble. That we could easily go down a goal or two (the strength of our defence probably even makes this a certainty). The other side of the argument is that we can put as much pressure on the opposition and put them on the back foot throughout the game, that they will not have the chance to attack us.

We will probably not get a better chance to win the league. Teams are dropping points throughout the season (that includes Arsenal) and no one is able to put on a string of wins to pull away from the chasing pack. In essence, it could also mean that the title challengers are not particularly strong or the lower teams have minimized the gap. Next season, most teams will reinforce their squads and that makes winning the league even harder.

Let’s have a right go at the title. We either win trying or lose after giving it our all. Either way, I’ll be pleased as a fan.

Onward and forward we go