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Don't worry Wojciech, I'll be back earlier than you

There’s a lot to comment about today, which is unusually rare when the team has gone for 10 days of international football. In fear of running out of feasible topics for tomorrow, I’m rationing some of the topics to be used for tomorrow’s post.

I think we have to go through the most important to us. Whenever they go away, we fear that they come back injured. Of  course, being Arsenal players, they could just as easily snap a thing or two while at our own training ground. Not a ball has been kicked in an actual game and we have the first casualty.

Nicklas Bendtner suffered some sort of ankle injury during training with the Danish side. I saw a photo posted on Twitter and I have to say how poor the ground was. I failed to see any blades of grass there and if anything, it looked more like a beach than a training pitch. It’s absolutely shocking. The Denmark team has misused him during the World Cup when he was very much still not fit enough and now they can’t even find a decent pitch for their players to train on.

On better front, our captain is back. Well, in training at least. Cesc Fabregas has returned to train outfield for the first time since his injury at Nou Camp. I think it is good for him to miss Spain’s qualification matches. Not that they needed him anyway, Spain have others whom they can depend on. The situation is slightly more critical for Arsenal. This is not the first time that he has sat out this season. The hamstring problem has paid once too many a visit to Fabregas.

The next good news involves the goalkeeping department. No, Jens Lehmann has not been confirmed to start against Blackburn and no, Manuel Almunia has not set himself on fire. Wojciech Szczesny is back in training. But without using his hands. You may think it is weird for a keeper but such is the responsibilities that the role entails nowadays, keepers need to be proficient with their feet as well. Lots of back passes and clearances needs to be done, not forgetting the goal kicks. Good on him to keep on working other aspects of his game. One can only praise such attitude.

Last but not least, also good news on the centrebacks fun. No, Thomas Vermaelen has not returned from the future all healed up. Johan Djourou is still injured but at least he won’t need reconstructive surgery. If nothing goes wrong, he can return to training in 4 weeks time. That puts in back in training somewhere after the 20th of April. Yes, you saw the fixture correct. That is just in time to get back to fitness and play against Manchester United on the 1st of May. Brilliant stuff.

That’s all for today. Will be back for more tomorrow.