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Will he get what he wants?

One round of international has just flown past us. There’s another round on Tuesday/Wednesday, which will be another worry. Good thing from last weekend was that no injuries were reported from any Arsenal player involved. That includes Aaron Ramsey who completed his first international 90 minutes since his leg got broken. Good news on that front.

Robin Van Persie helped his country to an easy 4-0 win over Hungary. He also scored his 21st goal for Holland in that game. All is great on the pitch for him, off it not so much. His criticism of Arsenal is not so much a criticism but more of a reflection of the truth. His revelation here, is disappointingly correct. Getting so close and squandering it in games where we are not supposed to is the main concern. Hopefully his determination to win things with Arsenal will come true one day.

Winning the Premier League is our only target now. Arsene Wenger desperately wants to win that and so does the supporters. In fact, Wenger wants it so much that he is hoping that the league make changes to help him achieve that. Now Wenger wants the final 3 round of games to be kicked off simultaneously. Somehow, I don’t see this happening or neither do I see the benefit of it. We have to win all games. It’s that simple. If we achieve that, what other teams do s/would not affect us. I’m not having any of those psychological boost or pressure.

However, Wenger do have a point when he says that it is imperative that the team remain calm, relaxed and focused. As I mentioned earlier, if we win all our remaining games, mathematically we’ll be champions. There’s no need to rush games or becoming desperate right from the kick off. A goal a game could still win us the league. Goal difference will not be the measuring yardstick should we do what is required out of us.

The team should not attempt to do things out of the ordinary. No single player should feel like that they have to do this more or that more than usual. I say that because we’ve seen them beat Chelsea and Barcelona this season. We’ve shown that we are able to match any sides in the world when required. We are not talking about doing this which the team has not been able to do before. Nothing emphatic is required, just the right attitude towards the game and the opponent.

In other related matters, Bacary Sagna raised the point about bad tackling. This has been debated over and over again. Sagna was referring to the Paul Scholes tackle on Samir Nasri in our FA Cup exit. He’s right and that is enough said about that. The point I want to raise is that Sagna also realised that most of the goals that we concede are via our own makings. He thinks that we could’ve avoided 40% of those goals.

Had we been able to do that, there’s no doubt that instead of looking up at United, we’ll be so far ahead that we can’t even see United if we look down at the table. There is no point talking about those things that happened in the past. If the team realises which department need to be looked at, then that is good. But this time, it is about making sure those negatives are eradicated when we go out on the pitch.

Till next time.