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How have we missed them

First things first. All my condolences goes to the family of Danny Fiszman. Here is a man on even on his last days on the deathbed, still have Arsenal’s best interest at heart. We all know by now that he sold all of his shares to Stan Kroenke just a couple of days ago. If Fiszman think that Kroenke is the best person to entrust the Arsenal responsibility to, then we should trust his judgement.

It is sad that cancer took the life of one of Arsenal’s great servant. His services may not be know throughout the world as he is not on the playing staff but his work behind the scenes should be measured with the same respect. Fiszman was instrumental in helping us move out from Highbury to the Grove. A landmark that would stand through the test of time and be a lasting contribution of one man to an institution. Rest In Peace Danny Fiszman.

More on the business side of Arsenal as two parties are not looking to sell their share to Kroenke. This is not unexpected. We know Kroenke was obliged to make the offer but not necessary looking to increase his stakes at the club. The two parties involve are Alisher Usmanov and the Arsenal Supporters Trust (AST). The bid has also been screened through by the people at Arsenal and even they find that the offer and proposal are acceptable. Either way, the choice is entirely up to the share owner whether to sell or not.

Back on the playing side of the club, it is good to see the positive vibes coming out from the squad. Most of players still believe that the league title is still achievable. No matter how slim the chances are at the moment, any sort of confidence is better than no confidence at all. At the least, it gives the squad something to aim for. The most notable ones are Jack Wilshere and Robin Van Persie.

Wilshere noted that United might have an eye elsewhere and that is supported by the fact that United got through to the semifinal of the Champions League. In defeating Chelsea, United are guaranteed at least two more games are added to their fixture list. Of course, they could go on and win everything in spite of the extra games and less rest in between. I’m just hoping that with increased minutes on the pitch, their injury toll will pick up. Not the kind with leg breaks but niggly injuries here and there and see a player missing out 2 or 3 weeks of the season.

Speaking of Wilshere, his response to the rumours of Manchester City bidding 40 million for his services is just brilliant. He crushed the rumour via Twitter and with that ended all speculation. In doing that, he even managed to slid in a dig at a previous Arsenal player who moved to City and who had kissed his badge prior to moving away. There’s no word to describe how much I love Wilshere.

Hopefully they will be joined by Wojciech Szczesny and Johan Djourou in this weekend’s game against Liverpool. Both were originally thought to have ended their season with their respective injuries. To have healed so fast is nothing short of remarkable. Though, I think we have to tread with caution. Only play them if they are absolutely fine. I never understood risking players for their long term health.

More tomorrow. Have a nice day.