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Down but not out

Last time I checked, we still have another 2 more matches to go before the end of the season. Yet, we are fed with transfer rumours every single day. Some could end up being true while others are just laughable. Do we need to look too much into it at this time of the season.

After such a long and strenuous season, I think we all deserve a well earned break from all these before the madness engulf us. 2 more games might not be enough for anyone to convince the coaching staff and Arsene Wenger in particular that they deserve that spot on the team. I’m sure Wenger has his own ideas and I trust him completely to make it come to fruition.

The most impressive two names linked with us are Jan Vertonghen and Mario Goetze. Names that are much easier to spell compare with Wojciech Szczesny. Why these names excite me is simply because I’ve seen them play and they are very good players.  That being said, it doesn’t automatically means it is what we need to improve the team.

I’ve discussed a lot of times about our defensive personnel and even today, I still stand behind the belief that we don’t need new recruitments there. Further up, we are blessed with attacking midfielders who are tiny. We need the sort of players that Laurent Blanc is alleged of thinking to cut down on.

As is always with the transfer rumours, it is not only about the new signings, it is also about the departures. I’ve seen quite a number of Gooners who wants Marouane Chamakh out. Which is a very weird thinking considering that he was one of our best player for almost 5 months where he received endless praise from all of us. Did he turned a bad player overnight? Certainly not.

Chamakh did his part to the cause. That he has seen his form fall on the wayside since the turn of the year is more down to the lack of playing time. There’s no one to fault there. Robin Van Persie found himself back to full fitness and a straight choice between the both of them and there can only be one winner. The statistics will back Wenger’s decision on the RvP selection. The way we line-up on the pitch, dictates that only one of them can play. Big big credit on Chamakh’s part not to be disheartened by it all and willing to work harder to regain his place.

The other ludicrous story involves Cesc Fabregas. The only major surprise is that it involves Manchester City and David Silva. Apparently, Roberto Mancini have asked Silva to use his connection with Fabregas to woo the Arsenal captain to the richest club in the world. Clearly Mancini is overestimating Silva’s influence on a possible move. First of all, Silva has never played for Barcelona. Secondly, Fabregas has openly said that he would not play for any other English club and I trust him more than I trust Fernando Torres.

Get ready for lots more comedies such as these in the coming months.